Workout of the day for Tues 20th Feb – The 5 Weeks of the CrossFit Open, FAQ

So it’s that time of the year again where we all get to test out our hard earned fitness and we’d just like to provide a FAQ on how things are going to run over the course of the next 5 weeks.

When are the workouts released?
The workouts will be release late Thursday night/Early Friday morning. They are released by CrossFit HQ over on the CrossFit Games website.

When will we be doing the Open workouts?
All classes on Fridays will be doing The Open workout. Regardless of whether you are ‘officially’ signed up or not you get to join in the fun.

Will this affect class schedule?
Our class schedule will NOT be changing, all classes will run as per usual.

But we will not know what the workouts will be until a few hours before the first morning class on Friday, so please be patient if we need a few minutes to prepare for the unknown and unexpected.

Will I have a chance to redo the workout?
Friday is the time to give it all you’ve got and empty the tank but if for any reason you couldn’t make Friday class or you decide that you’d like to redo the workout then your options would be to do it in Open gym hours.

Open Gym Rules
Classes ALWAYS have priority over equipment and space. No exceptions. If you want to redo the workout in gym try to avoid peak times when there are classes on.

Open Gym Times

All coaches will be taking the Judges course, they will also be the ones who can validate your scores if you have signed up online.

You will need to submit your scores online at the latest 9pm the Monday following the workout or they will not be validated.

On the Friday if you are doing the workout in class then you may need to count reps for your Thames team mates.

Please don’t to turn up in Open gym hours and expect be judged by one of our coaches but please don’t hesitate to ask and if we have time then we will obviously help you.

And now the fun part!

Theme of the week
Every Friday will bring a different theme or treat

18.1 is ‘Pretty in Pink’ wear an item of Pink clothing.
18.2 Miller’s famous smoothie bar will be making a return!
18.3 is a ‘Total Blackout’ the theme is Black, interpret it however you wish.
18.4 Fresh fitness food will be suppling some much need recovery food for you all to try!
18.5 End of Open Party! Lets drink a beer or 2 from our very own Thames Tavern and enjoy some quality time reflecting on our achievements of this last year of training!

We at Thames can’t wait to share the next 5 weeks of fun with you guys so let’s buckle our weightlifting belts and we’ll face Castros shit storm together.

Workout of the Day – CrossFit

Today should be looked at like a “Focus Day”. Focus on moving as well as possible and the quality of your reps rather than just trying to set yourself on fire and going as fast as possible.

A) 6 Minute EMOM: 5 Tng Power Clean & Jerk, climbing to as heavy as possible

B) 3 Sets: AMRAP strict pull ups, 90 seconds rest between sets

C)2 x 4 min clock:
40/35 Calorie row
75 Double unders
AMRAP HSPU in remaining time
*2 min rest

Workout of the Day – Met-Con

3 Rounds for time:
800m Run
50 Push ups
40 Sit ups
30 Walking lunge
20 Dumbbell shoulder to overhead 20/16kg
10 Burpee
*90 seconds rest after each round