Workout of the day for Fri 6th, Sat 7th and Sun 8th April & Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

Every 4 weeks, the yoga class here at Thames will be of a restorative nature and include a form of guided relaxation. The practice won’t be as vigorous, you’ll move through the postures a little more slowly and hold them for longer, to prime the body for the relaxation part of the class. This week your teacher

Christine will take you through a Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) designed to elicit the body’s relaxation response. For further information on the purpose and the benefits of PMR, please click here.

Workout of the Day, Friday – CrossFit

A) Dumbbell z-press: 8-7-6-5
*Rest 2minutes between sets

B) 3 sets of:
6-8 Incline dumbbell bench press @ tempo 31X1
Rest 60 seconds
4-6 Strict dips @ tempo 21X1
Rest 60 seconds
6-8 Single arm dumbbell row, per side @ tempo 2112
Rest 60 seconds

Extra Credit Work
Max rep ring row @ tempo 2020
Rest 60 seconds
30-60 second ring plank
Rest 60 seconds

Workout of the Day, Saturday – CrossFit

A) Power clean: 5-5-4-4-3 @ tempo 3131
*Rest 2-3 minutess between sets

B) 4 Rounds
60 second airdyne/row @ tough pace. Aim to increase or maintain the pace over the minute (but don’t decrease!)
10 Dumbbell deadlifts (heavy for you)
30 Hollow rocks
50 Double unders
Rest 2 minutess between rounds

Workout of the Day, Sunday – Weightlifting Club

A) Cleans: Build to a heavy single for the day

B) Front squats: 5 x 1@80-82.5%

C) Push Press: 4 x 2 @ 80-85%

D) Pull ups: 3 x 5 (Weighted if needed)