Winning desired so sleep is required – Coach Milo


Let’s be clear out the gate. Sleep is the Number 1 performance enhancing activity that we can do for EVERYTHING we do. Regardless of your training program or how hard you push yourself, if you aren’t recovering as well as you could then you simply aren’t going to perform to your max potential.

Now, I hear you already saying either “I work fine on 5-6 hours so don’t tell me to get 8” or “I’m too busy to get 8 hours”.

Ok, let’s deal with the I am fine with “Insert number” hours gang first. The best description of this I’ve heard is “that is a testament to the human resiliency and determination than it is to human performance”. No question, you WILL perform BETTER on more and better quality sleep. Guaranteed.

Now for the “I don’t have time” crew. Ok, I reckon there may be a few of you out there who this MAY apply to, but for most you’re lying to yourself. Stop watching TV and go to bed. Whatever it is that you are filling your evenings with you are making a CHOICE to not get 8 hours of sleep. IF you are that very very small minority (I’m talking newborn baby, or work a million jobs minority) who genuinely cannot get 8 hours then let’s make the 6 hours you do get the best possible quality.

“Quality over quantity”

So, whichever camp you fall into I would suggest making changes over a longer period of time rather than reading this and thinking “F**k yea!”, making a ton of changes and two days later saying “F**k this!”.

I’ll hit you with the top 4 that will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Create a routine
2. Be consistent
3. Blue light (aka stop scrolling instagram and Facebook in bed before sleeping!)
4. Environment clean up

Create a routine

Creating a routine may seem like an odd one to be at the top of the list but it’s what will create that Pavlovian response, i.e. a specific response (sleep) to a specific stimulus (the routine). If I drink my protein shake, have a warm shower, brush my teeth and get into bed and read an easy book, I get sleepy. By repeating that routine day in and day out, I have conditioned my body to automatically know that routine means sleep and it gets straight to it. A conditioned routine will also help your brain start to drown out the white noise of the day from work, or whatever might be stressing you.

Be consistent

This kinda falls into a similar category as the routine, but focusses on TIMING. For some of you working different shift patterns day to day or week to week or who have young children, consistency may be difficult. However, where possible try to go to bed at set times and wake up at set times regardless of what you have on the next day. If you are travelling then try to stick to said routine above. Just because you are travelling doesn’t mean it all goes out the window. The environment may have changed but the pre-bed routine doesn’t need to. Be consistent and keep control of what you can.

Blue light

You all knew this one was coming as soon as you saw an article about sleep. Apple aren’t stupid and neither is Instagram/Facebook. Why do you think your phone is filled with the same blue lights that you can find at slot machines in Vegas? Because it’s proven to make you want to look at it for longer and crave it. That light messes with your brain waves and therefore your sleep patterns. Make sure that before you start your pre bed time routine you put your phone aside and out of reach from your bed. If you have an iPhone you can get it to automatically “warm” up the temperature of the screen for you when the sun goes down, which helps limit the addiction to a degree – but still, better to get it out of sight to get it out of mind. If it’s your alarm, double win! Now you have to get up to turn it off in the morning, so reduced risk of hitting snooze!!

Environment clean up

This is where most people get lost. There’s so much research out there that says if you sleep in a cool dark room with zero noise you will sleep better. And that’s 100% true. However humans being humans when we look at the changes we need to make and the list gets extensive, we and instead you do nothing and then forget about it all together.

This time look at the list and make one dedicated change.

Get some black out curtains. To completely cut out any ambient light, or at least dramatically reduce.

Cool temperature. There will be some individual preference here but studies show between 16-20 degrees celsius is optimal room temp for sleeping.

Noise. If you live anywhere near us then chances are high that you have cars driving by and we can’t change that – but that background noise you will adapt to. Any other noise should be in your control. If your other half is watching TV then ask them to turn it down etc.

You are spending a lot of time and money working out, trying to be the best version of yourself, chasing goals at work and so on … basically trying to be an awesome human at everything and anything you do. Don’t cut yourself short on the best performance enhancer there is for all of the above with not getting enough sleep.


A) Shoulder Press
5 @ 65%
3 @ 75%
1+ @ 85%
AMRAP @ 65%

B) Tabata: 8 x :20 on, :10 rest at each exercise
Ring Dips/Push Ups
2) DB Z press
3) Burpee
4) Hollow Rocks
*:60 rest between each of the 4 sets.


A) Back Squat
5 @ 65%
3 @ 75%
1+ @ 85%
AMRAP @ 65%

20m OH walking lunge KB/DB
:20 L-sit accumulation
15 T2B
*EMOM 3 burpee


A) 20 Min Alternating EMOM
Min 1:
12/10 Cal Row
Min 2: Skill Of Choice (Strength Element)
Min 3: 45 Seconds Double Unders
Min 4: Skill Of Choice (Skill Element)

B) 10-15 Minutes Skill Work

C) 5-10 Minutes Mobility/Mashing Work


A) Deadlift
5 @ 65%
3 @ 75%
1+ @ 85%
AMRAP @ 65%
Superset with:
3 x 10 Single Leg Bulgarian Deadlift, light weight, rest as required

If you have signed up (or been signed up by Coach Misty… 😛 ) then you can do it here in classes. We will only program it once however so if re-dos are wanted then it will have to be in Open gym 🙂 ! Good luck peeps and go smash it !
Individual WOD

30 Shoulder to overhead 35KG/25KG
15 Over the bar burpees
30 Front Squats 35KG/25KG
15Over the bar burpees
30 Thrusters 35KG/25KG
15 Over the bar burpees


A)Overhead Squat
5 @ 65%
3 @ 75%
1+ @ 85%
AMRAP @ 65%

B) Every 5 min for 5 sets:
500m Row
10 hang power clean 85/55kg
50 DU


A) EMOM x10 Mins
3 Weighted Pull Ups

B) 21-15-9-15-21
Calorie Row/ Aridyne
– 5 Muscle Ups after each set