What are your goals and what are you training for ? – Coach Milo

Training to be a faster runner ? Training to be a better fighter in the ring ? Training to be a more competitive athlete in CrossFit ? Training to be a ninja at 80 years old ?

We can use CrossFit to improve all of these areas for sure but we have different needs and focus areas. If you are more focused on improving your running for your marathons or triathlons you have coming up then Squatting will be beneficial for you but you can ease off a little compared to the person who wants to compete in CrossFit and needs to have a strong base for all the lifting and endless thrusters they will be doing in their future.

Now before you start throwing random articles at me about how strength training will improve your running I’d say yes you’re right. Bear with me.. You will improve but you will improve a whole lot more by squatting on the regular still, but with lower weights than the CrossFit athlete chasing a new 1 Rep max , combined with high intensity WODs , sprint work and endurance work (both power and general endurance).

So how does that work with group programming ?

This is where we differ from a lot of CrossFit gyms. If you KNOW what you are training and have specific goals then we pride ourselves on our knowledge as coaches and what we do. We can help you still and we can point you in the right direction. We can adjust the day programming for you and advise you how to best approach the day. We can recommend a course of action for going forward. We can offer bespoke programming just for you and YOUR specific goals. (More on that another day.)

Easy one to think about is how you could change the day programming if you are said Marathoner and todays class is:

A) Back Squats 
5 @75%
3 @85%
1 @95%

B) “Helen”
3 Rounds:
400m Run 
21 Kb Swings 
12 Pull Ups

Again there are plenty of variables here for each individual but I’d say hit the squats at 3×5 and leave it that. Or I’d swap out the movement slightly and get you doing back rack lunges to build up those glutes and single leg strength even more at a higher rep scheme. Yes this may affect your squat gains over the cycle but if you are set on a certain marathon time then this is more likely to benefit you.

For Helen I would reverse how most CrossFit People attack this WOD. Most go steady (ish) on the run and then aim for the swings unbroken or in as few sets as possible. For you I’d say absolutely destroy yourself on the run building with each one. So run 1 at 80%, run 2 at a faster interval and go for broke on run 3. Who cares if you hit the time cap on the pull ups ? Thats not your goal right ? Again plenty of variables here as I can already hear the eyeballs rolling for some of you haha.

It depends on you as an athlete , how long you’ve been training regularly and where you want to get to in a year, 5 years and where you want to be in 20 years.

Can I have it all and be a ninja at everything? Good news? YES! Bad news that no one wants to hear ? It takes years and a F**k load of hard work. So if thats you then get ready to dig in and strap up cause its going to be a long ass road.

For most reading this general fitness is the aim in which case just keep doing what you are told :P. For the rest of you who have specific goals then ask questions and don’t be afraid to chop and change some movements here and there. 6+3=9 but so does 5+4. Theres no one way to do anything so pick a route and get to work. If you want us to help you on yours then you can reach out at any time. 🙂 

Speak soon!

– Milo



On the minute for 24 minutes:
Minutes 1-6:

Odd: 7 Thrusters 40/30kg
Even: Max Reps, Muscle Ups

Minutes 7-12:
7 Thrusters
Even: Max Reps, Burpees

Minutes 13-18:
7 Thrusters
Even: Max Reps, Kb Swings 24/16kg

Minutes 18-24:
7 Thrusters
Even: 200m Run (This is 10 reps)
*You must finish the 200m Run in 1 minute for it to count.
*Score is total max Reps at the end 🙂




A) EMOM x 10min. (Both in the same minute)
5-7 TTB
3 Front Squats (Heavy as possible. Must clean it off the ground)

B) EMOM x 16min.
15 Wall Balls 9/6kg
Even: Max Deadlifts 100/70kg
*You are going to need to stop around the 40sec on those deads.


A) Push Press
Work up to a 5RM

B) For Time:
80 air squats
70 push-ups
60 alt. db snatches 22/16kg
50 calorie row
40 box jumps 24/20
30 handstand push-ups
200m Run
10 Jerks 60/40kg

(CAP: 20min.)


A) Hang Power Clean
EMOM x 10min.

2 Reps for the first 5min.
1 Rep for the last 5min.

B) Every 4min for 20min.
12/10 Cal AD/Row
15 Sumo Deadlifts 70/45kg
12/10 Cal Row/AD
15 Pull-Ups


In Teams of 2:
35min. running clock…

2 Rounds:
50 Cal Bike
50 Pull-Ups
immediately into:
2 Rounds:

50 Wall Balls 9/6kg
50 Snatches 40/30kg
immediately into:
2 Rounds:

50 Burpees
50 Overhead Squats 40/30kg
immediately into:
50 Curtis P’s 40/30kg
1 Curtis P = 1 Power Clean + 1 Lunge On Each Leg + 1 Push Press. Can You finish ??