Nutrition Coaching with JHP Fitness


You’ve all heard that nutrition is the foundation for fantastic health and top level performance. In fact, nutrition is the base of the pyramid Crossfit founder Greg Glassman created, with metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting and sport all being supported by it.

What we put into our bodies greatly affects how we look, feel, and perform, both inside and outside the gym.

That is why we are really excited about partnering with Jonathan Potter of JHP Fitness to provide members of CrossFit Thames the chance to have your very own nutrition coach!

Over the next few weeks we will have interviews with Jonny himself, along with some of his clients and their experiences. On Saturday July 16th Jonathan will be coming to Thames to give a free nutrition talk to anyone looking to find our more and get their nutrition questions answered!

Lets begin by meeting Jonny and finding out what JHP Fitness Nutrition Coaching is all about.

Jonny, tell us a little about your background

Hey guys my name is Jonny and I have already had 9 awesome years in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Over these years I have helped clients achieve various different goals, from improving their sports performance, physique competitors achieving extreme levels of bodyfat, to clients who generally want to look and feel better in their own skin.

3 years ago I stopped 1-on-1 coaching and started JHP Fitness Online Training and Nutrition. This allowed me to work with people all over the world (we currently have clients in the UK, USA, Australia, UAE and many other countries). My online company is what allows me to coach wherever I like and I am extremely happy to have already been able to work with a lot of the guys and girls at CrossFit Thames, including two of your coaches Jonny and Phil.

What is the goal of JHP Nutrition Coaching?

Our nutrition coaching services are all about finding the best nutrition protocol for the client. No foods are off limit at any point (yes you can have some chocolate and sweets, I do!). We educate and let the client eat the foods they want to eat rather than the foods they think they have to eat.

There is no meal plan or template, clients can eat as many or as few times per day as they desire, they learn about portion control, serving sizes and will be able to eat out whilst still being able to stick to their plan and get closer to their goals without letting it affect their wellbeing.

Within our flexible nutrition coaching we ensure that each individual maintains a healthy diet by helping them focus on consuming enough fruit, vegetables, fats (especially the essential fatty acids), fibre and quality protein sources in order to ensure that plenty of vitamins and minerals are being taken in daily.

What kind of people do you have as your clients and what are their goals?

At JHP Fitness we work with various athletes (CrossFitters like yourselves), rugby players, physique competitors and also coach the general public who are looking to look and generally feel better, basically no job is too big or too small!

We make sure that with each individual we work with, their own wants, needs and current ability is all taken into account when setting up their bespoke nutrition coaching.

What is the process with JHP Nutrition Coaching?

With each new client sign up we get them to fill in an in-deph Q&A to gather information on food preferences, eating habits, illnesses, allergies, current successes and areas they think they need help with as well as many more.

From the questionnaire myself and my coaches put together a game plan which we think will best suit the individual and from there we monitor progress week by week, making changes to their nutrition plan as and when they need it in order to keep the client progressing closer and closer towards their goals.

All client’s nutrition information and body composition progress will be kept on on bespoke spreadsheets. The spreadsheets allow progress/lack of progress to be viewed as well as show dietary adherence, changes in bodyfat %, weight, lean muscle, fat mass and muscle mass allowing for excellent ways of seeing how well they are doing.

Unlike most other nutrition consultation companies we are willing to work with ‘what the client’ finds easier to adhere to rather than what we ‘believe to be optimal’, this is key for the clients success on any program. For example we don’t believe that high fat and low carb is the ‘best on paper’ from a satiety and performance standpoint BUT if someone can adhere to that better than a high carb diet purely based on compliance there will be much better result.

What are some simple steps people can take right now to improve their nutrition right now?

A great tip for people who are looking to improve their body composition is to limit meals and snacks to 3-5 x per day, this lowers the chance of over eating.

At each of those meals aim to consume some protein too (meat, yoghurt, fish, protein shake’s etc) as protein has also been showed to decrease hunger as well as being extremely important for the bodies growth and repair.

Can you provide a bullet point summary of the nutrition programming?


  • 1-0n-1 Online nutrition coaching


  • Detailed and precise nutrition to match your goals.
  • Greater adherence to your nutrition
  • Guaranteed results
  • You will have your own nutrition coach on hand 7 days per week


  • Files and programmes will be shared through dropbox, this allows for everything to be shared in ‘real time’ and for updates to sync automatically with your coach.
  • Everything that is inputted into the spreadsheets your coach will be able to view immediately.
  • You will receive 1-2 Skype or phone calls with your coach per month as well as unlimited email/Facebook messenger contact.


  • £85.00 per month

Launch date

  • We will kick this off with our FREE nutrition seminar which we will be holding at CrossFit Thames on Saturday 16th July, 9am to 10am. REGISTER HERE!.

Finally, where can people find out more?

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more interviews and more information of JHP Fitness Nutrition Coaching!

    Workout of the Day:

    A) Strength – Sumo Deadlift

    5 x 5 @ 75% 1RM Deadlift

    After each set perform 10 single leg RDLs per side with a light KB/DB

    Rest 2 minutes between sets

    B) Conditioning EMOM x 10

    3 Muscle Ups + 6 Burpees*

    *Modify as necessary to keep within the minute

    Oly Lifting Club

    Workout of the Day:

    A) Tall Snatch (Snatch Pull Under)

    5 x 3 @ by feel

    B) Hang Snatch (Mid Thigh)

    3 x 3 @ 75%
    2 x 2 @ 80%

    C) Snatch Balance + OHS

    5 x 1 + 2 @ 75% (OHS)

    D) Structural Work

    3 x 15 single arm DB press (moderate load)

    Rest 2 minutes between sets