Upcoming Events & Weekend Workouts!

Murph – Monday 28th May

Join us on the 28th May (Bank Holiday Monday) for your yearly dose of Murph! The gym will be running weekend hours with classes at 10am and 11am

After the last class we will be having a BBQ, hopefully in the Sun!

Run, Swim, Run @ Hyde Park Lido – 23rd June, 10:00am

Time for some outdoor fitness!

Come and join us in the summer sunshine for a taste of the CrossFit Games event “run, swim, run” (1.5 mile run, 800m swim, 1.5 mile run). All you need to bring is your usual training gear, your swimming costume, a towel and £1 coin for the lockers.

Don’t worry if your swimming is not up to scratch, the lido has a shallow lane so you can plant your feet on the floor whenever you need!

Workout of the Day for Friday – CrossFit

A) Back squat: 2-2-2-2-2 @ tempo 30X0
*Build from last weeks loads
*Finish above where you were last week if possible.
*Your last set again should feel like a 90% hard effort, not a max effort.

B) Superset work 4 rounds of:
Reverse lunges with dumbbells at sides @ tempo 20X0
*Do 6-8 reps per leg on sets 1&2, then 4-6 reps per leg on sets 3&4
*Rest 60 seconds
4-10 Strict pull ups @ tempo 2121

C) Extra credit midline work

4 Rounds:
10 GHD sit up or Weighted sit ups
*Rest 60 seconds
20-30 seconds Tuck L-sit on paralettes
*Rest 90sec

Workout of the Day for Saturday – CrossFit

A) Snatch Tekkers

B) Dumbbell Z Press: 7-6-5-4-4
*Rest 2 minutes

C) 3 Supersets:
Incline dumbbell bench press with semi supinated grip @ tempo 30X0;
*Do 6-8 reps in set 1, do 5-6 reps in sets 2&3
*Rest 45sec
6-10 Paralette push ups @ tempo 2121
*Rest 45 seconds
6-8 Dumbbell row @ tempo 31X1
*Rest 90 seconds

Workout of the Day for Sunday – Weightlifting Club

A) 3 position snatch pull: 5 sets @ 60-70%

B) Snatch: 5 x 3

C) Front squats: 4 x 2 @ 80%

D) Good mornings: 3 x 5 @ light load
*RPE: 6-7