Upcoming Events and Updates!

Beyond the Workout – Friday April 26th

Welcome back the return of the Beyond the Workout seminars!

This is an opportunity to work with us coaches in a bit of a workshop setting. During this session we’ll take the time to focus on some of the more complex movements that we may not get the most time to dig into during a class time, followed by an informational chat on a topic of choice towards improving your performance in and outside of the gym.

The last time we ran this session we ran through Pistols, Rope Climbs, and Handstands / Handstand Push Ups.

If you have any questions, or would like to give us an idea of a movement you would like to dig into a bit more, shoot Coach Milo an email at Milo@CrossFitThames.com.

Class Schedule Reminders

Yoga For Athletes

Christine is embarking on a new journey to further develop her yoga knowledge and skills for the wider athletic population, and so Yoga will be cancelled for the following dates across 2019:

May 4th
Jun 1st
Sep 21st

What events would you like to see? Email james@crossfitthames.com with any ideas you have!