Turning Injuries into Opportunities – Further Reading

If you missed Sunday’s blog post on turning an injury into an opportunity, go back HERE and check it out!

Though it touches upon what you can do for your training and your mental state while you’re injured, I bet it left you thinking “That’s great but what do I do about my actual injury?”

Check out this great article that Coach JJ wrote up during the 2017 CrossFit Open. In it he digs down into the phases for recovery of typical injuries, and how you can best get yourself on the quick road to recovery. Make sure you give it a good read!

How to Deal with an Injury

OLY Deload Week – July25th and July 29th


A) Snatch + Hang snatch below the knee
4 x 1+1@70-75%
B) Back squats
3 x 2@ 75-80%
C) Split jerk w/2 sec pause at finish
4 x 2 @ 75-80%

Assistance work
Snatch deadlifts
3 x 2
Weighted pull ups
4 x 6


A) Clean + Hang clean
4 x 1+1@70-75%
B) Front squats w/2 sec pause at the bottom
3 x 2@75-80%
C) Jerk dip + Split jerk w/2 sec pause at finish
5 x 1+2 @70-75%

Assistance work
Upright barbell rows
3 x 8
Weighted chin ups
3 x 5