The Year Is Nearly Out!

Hey Team!

So the end of the year is getting close. Now the open is over this is a perfect time to take a moment and re-assess the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. Are you close? Do you need to put the blinkers on and just get stuck in for the last few weeks of the year? Don’t get drawn into “ah I’ve missed it” vibes. We have over 6 weeks. Think about what you CAN accomplish in 6 weeks team!

If you need help reach out to me or any of the coaches. Get accountable and get results! We will happily hold you to the fire to make sure you get it done.

Let’s friggin go!

Head Coach Milo

Wednesday Oly Club

1) Snatch complex
4 sets of:
Snatch deadlift+ Snatch pull + Power snatch + Snatch
2) Back squat
4 x 3
3) Jerk dip + Split jerk
4 x 1+1
4) Chin ups
3 x 5-10
b) Tricep extensions
3 sets

Sunday Oly Club

1) Clean complex
4 sets of:
Clean deadlift + Clean Pull + Power clean + Clean
2)Push press
4 x 2
3) Front squats
4 x 3
4) Pull ups
3 x 5-10
4b) Hamstring curls
3 x 8-12