The One With All The Other Events

So on Wednesday, we put up our Throwdown Schedule for you all to check out and start getting yourselves mentally prepared for them 🙂

Today we have all the other things throughout the year that you all know and love. This should give you all plenty of time to plan ahead and for those that want to, can give your friends plenty of time to prepare themselves for a free week of training with us!

Bring A Friend Weeks

First, we have our Bring a friend Weeks!

Yup! That’s right! You can sign up a Friend a bring them to classes for free for a week. These weeks are programmed in with our De-Loads between cycles so the WODs will be a little calmer and either have more beginner-friendly movements or easily interchangeable WODs for you all to take advantage of. There will be some fun Partner/ Team WODs in there too so you can have some fun with your super best friend and bond a little more 😉

24th of February till the 1st of March
04th of May till the 08th of May (Only Mon – Fri)
29th of June till the 5th of July
03rd of August till the 9th of August
16th of November till the 22nd of November

Beyond the Workout Skill Sessions

As promised we are bringing the beyond the WODs back for you all with some more frequency this year team! For those that don’t know these sessions are where we pick 2-3 Skills and we get as many coaches down as possible to the gym to go through all the progressions and really aim to either get you said skill or to build you towards it. Even for those that don’t get the skill then and there, you will walk away with the road map on how to get there if you are willing to put the time and effort in. Which being a member here at Thames means you’re not shy of hard work so it’s pretty much guaranteed 😛

The skills will vary each time with the aim of doing 2 that we think as coaches will be most useful to you for the upcoming cycles and things we are working on currently. Then the 3rd one will be from you lot on either vote in the Facebook group, Instagram and or general chat with the Coaches if you aren’t a social media butterfly 🙂

This year the Beyond the WODs are part of the bring a friend week so be aware when telling your friends 🙂 They are more than welcome to join you, just know that this will be skill-based. Let’s face it though, they will want to know how to climb a rope as much as you did when you joined us. problem solved!

These sessions will take place instead of evening classes on the Fridays listed below from 1800 until 1930. From 1930 till 2000 we will let you know for each event ahead of time however this will either be some kind of team/fun WOD or a Q/A with a guest.

Friday 28th of February
Friday 03rd of July
Friday 07th of August
Friday 20th of November

Gay Pride WOD

For the 27th of June, we will be doing a Pride WOD and we are planning on making this something special! Stay posted for some more info 🙂

In The Works

Still in the works but may change due to schedules and other events etc so we won’t set these in stone just yet but know they are on the radar for those of you who keep asking. 🙂

Hell Week! – Yup! Hell week may be making a return in 2020. This is the first time some of you got to experience Milo as a Programming deviant. 😛 Mind games like the Wheel of misfortune, the unknown time-domain WODs and the ever famous rock paper scissors are still talking points for some of you… Obviously we want to make it bigger and better… Cue equal measure of curiosity and fear 🙂

CrossFit Games Viewing! – In the past, we have held a games viewing at the gym where we get a BBQ on the go, Watch the worlds fittest throwdown and if wanted a chance to pick one of the WODs and see how you compare to the ones on the worlds stage for a bit of fun and self-torment! Frank will sure to be there so we will keep you posted and you can come join us 😛

CrossFit Open 2021 – This will obviously be going down in the standard Friday night lights style and we have aimed off for it with our cycles to make sure you are a physically able as possible for the test of the Open. We just need confirmation on the dates by HQ.