The Deadlift: Why its the best and makes you better in bed – Intern Phil


The deadlift is almost beautiful in its simplicity. A dead loaded bar moves from the floor, vertically upwards and moves vertical back down, and in this simple movement, the athlete requires an exceptional large amount of muscle recruitment.

So why does it make you better in bed?

The large muscle recruitment caused by the act of deadlifting releases a lot of testosterone, which is a good thing for us men. Testosterone helps men have an increase interest in sex, prevents impotence, and improves the ability to perform. The deadlift will improve cardiovascular output, which combined with the increased levels of testosterone make it an unbeatable natural way to improve things behind the curtains.

The deadlift is unique in its simplicity and ability to increase strength. The basic function of the back muscles is to hold the lower back in the neutral position so that power in the deadlift can be transferred through to your legs. Building back muscles will help avoid injuring your back in the future, the strength gained in the pull motion helps and transfers to Olympic lifts, builds core stability and it will make you burn fat like no other!

Pretty awesome for a “lower back” strength piece. This is why it’s the best. A simple lift which requires many muscles to execute, plus it’s the heaviest thing you’ll lift in the gym.

One final point why it’s awesome. During the teaching of this movement, it allows new athletes to become mechanically aware of their back position. The hinging of the hips and the importance of maintaining a beautifully straight back forces beginners to prioritise the awareness of the back, which is probably the best thing one can do as this can transfer almost directly to everyday life. Being able to lift a 150kg barbell with correct form won’t help directly in everyday life, however being able to lift this barbell will almost certainly help lift a 80kg box when helping your neighbour or that tourist on the underground with a flight of stairs in front of them, a suitcase clearly larger than one needs and every other Londoner pretending they haven’t seen this situation. Plus, this awareness allows you fill up your basket in the supermarket and pick it up like a ninja.


  • Lift large loads, quickly
  • Raise your testosterone levels and have an awesome sex life
  • Build strength in a bunch of muscles
  • Train your focus, stamina and perseverance
  • Help others on the tube/ and be bad ass on moving day
  • Lift baskets in a super market like a ninja
  • Improving your bed game with all the above


Workout of the Day:

A) Gymnastics Strength

10 to 1:
Tempo Deficit push up

2 second down, 2 second hold (just off floor), 2 second up

Ring Row
2 second up, 2 second hold (rings touching chest), 2 second down

(Time cap: 15 minutes)

B) Conditioning
10 minute AMRAP:

Run 200m
Max rep toes to bar
Run 200m
Max rep handstand push-up

Score is number of T2B and HSPU completed