Hey Thamesians!

This is just a super quick announcement to remind you the CrossFit Open is HERE!

If you haven’t signed up and you want to then you can go can hit the link below. Be sure to add us as your home gym so you get added to the leaderboard and so everyone knows you are one of our heroes!

Registration ( or as Joe put it, your soul) only costs $20!

Sign Up For The CrossFit Open 2020 Here!

How will it work here at CF Thames?
We will be doing all the Open WODs on Fridays during normal class times. Just like you, we don’t find out the WOD until we wake up on Friday so it’s fun for us as much as you!

Do the WOD!

We will be doing it in relay fashion as usual. So expect to have to judge your classmates or your super best friend during the 5 weeks.

Sign in to your account and log your score which we will verify for you and repeat 4 more times! 🙂

As ever on the last Open WOD, we will have a big Friday night lights session so keep your eyes peeled for more info on this soon!

See you tomorrow for the first test of Fitness!

We know for some of you, you like to have a redo of the workout to try and get as much out of it as you can and while that is awesome, please be aware that there will be NO REDO’s allowed during Monday’s classes. So if you plan on getting it in then it must be outside of the class times. Thank you team!