The CrossFit Open 2019 Is Here!

Hey Team!

Crossfit Christmas is here! Here’s a quick video from last year’s open about the format, and how it works regarding logging your scores and such. If you missed out on Coach Misty’s post about how we run the CrossFit Open at Thames, you can check it out via the link below.

How it All Works At Thames

You still have time to register for the open if you’re keen – the deadline is the submission cutoff for the first workout (Monday February 25th at 13:00).

Register for the 2019 Open!


A) Back Squat 3 x 2
start @ 85% and climb

B) 15min. AMRAP:
10 Burpees
5 Thrusters 40/30kg
10 Pull-Ups
5 Thrusters

*Every 2 Rounds add 10/5kg to the bar.
Round 1: 40/30kg
Round 2: 40/30kg
Round 3: 50/35kg
Round 4: 50/35kg
Round 5:60/40kg
Round 6: 60/40kg


Classic CrossFit

A) Snatch Cycling
3 tng Snatch Every :20 for 6 sets
-3 min rest
2 tng Snatch Every :20 for 8 sets
-3 min rest
1 Snatch Every :20 for 10 sets

B) 10 Rounds:
15 Russian KB Swings 32/24kg
10 Hand Release Push-Ups

15 Minute Cap


10min. to get as far as possible…
Devil Press 20/10kg
Wall Balls 9/6kg

10min. AMRAP:
10 DB Lunges
20 Weighted Sit ups

10min. to finish…
5 Rounds:
15/10 Cal Bike
12 TTB

3min. rest between sections


A) Push Press 3 x 2
start @ 85% and climb, rest as required

B) 6 – 8 Sprint Sets:
12/10 Cal Row
10 KB/DB Push Press
8 burpees over the rower
– 90 seconds rest

AMRAP MU or BMU ( Or Pull Up Variations)
-:90 rest
3 x 30% MU or BMU, :30 rest


Classic CrossFit

Tomorrow is the 2019 Open announcement so today will be a cardio mostly. Friday’s workout will be whatever gets announced.

A) 21min Alternating EMOM:
Min. 1) 12/9 Cal Bike
Min. 2) 12/9 Cal Row
Min. 3) 12 OHS 40/30kg

B) I’m going to give you a choice of either something to get you a little sweaty if you still need your daily fix or if you want then use this time to get some good skill work in. Pick what works best for you and do it to the best of your ability. Dont half ass either which ever you choose 🙂

For Time:
50 DB Power Cleans 22/16kg
*7 Burpees EMOM
*Starting with Burpees


Every 5min. X 4 Rounds:
400m Run
20 Alt. DB Snatches 22/16kg
10 DB Power Cleans 22/16kg
Max Hollow Rocks until 4 minute mark

– Rest 4min.-

12min AMRAP:
30 Double Unders
15 Russian Twists 16/10kg DB
30 Double Unders
15 Weighted Sit-Ups w/ same DB


CF Open Week 1



*Note – Due to the unknown nature of the CrossFit Open Workouts on Fridays, the Saturday workout will only be programmed on Friday to avoid any repetitive movement volume.*