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OLY Programming for the Week!


Deload week
Drop the intensity and focus on speed+ tech
A)Power clean
4 x 2@80%
B1)Front squat
4 x 2
Tempo 3201
B2)Seated box jumps
2 reps after each set of Front squats
C)Split Jerks
1 x 3
2 x 2
1 x 1
D) Deadbug variation
3 x 16


Deload week

A) Snatch + Hang snatch + Oh squat
4 x 1+1+1
B) Back squats
3 x 3
C)Jerk dip + Split jerk
4 x 1+1
D) Hamstring bridges
3 x 8-12

Events in May

We dont just make athletes, we make SUPERathletes!

We have lots of events this month, take a look below and make sure to sign up for any your interested in:

Freestyle Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli– Wednesday 2nd May 17:00 – 21:00
Spend four quality hours at Thames CrossFit with Coach and learn how to apply gymnastics and freestyle movement to your CrossFit training program. If you want to increase your agility, mobility, and the versatility in your CrossFit WODs, then this is the perfect workshop for you. This seminar is appropriate for athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts at any skill level.

Olympic Lifting Instructor Course – 12 & 13th May
Brought to you by Optimal Life Fitness, the Olympic lifts are excellent for developing speed, acceleration, coordination and power, components of fitness which are highly sought after. However it is not just elite level athletes who can benefit from learning and training in the Olympic Lifts, everybody can benefit from learning the lifts and their progressions. Over the 2 days you will learn the theory and practical application behind performing and teaching the Olympic Lifts.

2 week Foundations Course – Begins 14th May and the 28th May
This is a recommended two week long course for all CrossFitters. Gain a solid introduction to the fundamental movements, exercises and theory behind Crossfit. Each course is limited to 6 places so get your friends and family to get in touch and call us at (0)203 318 5900 or email info@thamescrossfit.com for more info.

Extreme Kettlebell Instructor Course – 19 & 20th May
Optimal Life Fitness return for a two day, intense course which gives exercise enthusiasts and fitness professionals skills that they can immediately put into practice whether for their own training or for training clients. This course is the only course of its kind that explores the science behind the kettlebell and the body.

Workout of the day
A: Push press
In 10 mins establish a 3 rep max

B: On a minute, each minute for 8 minutes
3 Push press 50/35kg
3 Toes to bar
Max rep Burpees


Today’s workout (gymnastics combined with oly lifting) reminded me that the olympics are just over a year away and just down the road! Did you get your olympic tickets?

Workout of the Day:

A: Clean & Jerk technique
B: 21-15-9
Ring dips
Clean and jerk 60kg / 40kg

Day 3 – Isabel


On the third day of CrossFit, my trainer gave to me…30 heavy snatches. Ahh, the good old Burgener warm up. Some of those skills you’ve been working on all these weeks and months might actually come in handy today!

Workout of the Day:

30 snatches – 60/40 kg

Remember, a snatch is ground to overhead in one movement. Scale the weight as necessary.

Quick announcement…after the last WOD on Friday the 10th (next Friday), we will be going out for an unofficial 12 days of CrossFit celebration. There will be merriment and celebration for all that we will have accomplished.


You asked for it, you’ve got it, more Oly lifting at Thames CrossFit!

Check out this video documenting some of the top Chinese lifters before the 2008 games. Don’t you love geeking out on Oly lifting? Or, is it just us?

Workout of the Day:

A. Hang squat clean: 5×2, 2 minute starts (should be done in 10 minutes)
B. Split jerk: 5×2, 2 minute starts (should be done in 10 minutes)
C. “Grace”
30 Clean and Jerks for time 60/40kg

Olympic lifting – Snatch drills

2-Position snatch, looks easy, right?

The two exercises we are performing today will help improve your pulling and receiving positions. This will transfer to more weight on the barbell the NEXT time you snatch. Remember, today is about technique, not necessarily heavy loads on the bar.

Skill workout of the day

A. On a minute, each minute for 12 minutes, do 2 snatch balances

Rest 5 minutes

B. On a minute, each minute for 12 minutes, do 1 2-position snatch

Choose weights that allow good form.

The Milkman!

This week we’re shining the spotlight on one of our trainers and morning class fixture, Josh. His positive attitude and encouragement have helped many of us through some very tough workouts.  Let’s find out more about him!

Age: 34
Height: 5’10” (without heels)
Weight: 180lbs-ish? (without heels)

What do you do all day?
MA student at KCL

Can you give us some of your benchmark workout stats?
CrossFit Total: 820lbs/372kilos (without heels)
Fran: 6:37
Cindy: 16 rounds
Fight Gone Bad: 279

What is your athletic history?
Played soccer, basketball, and baseball.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
Since April 2008

What is your biggest strength in the gym?
Back squats and air squats.

Biggest weakness?
How much time do you have? 🙂 Ring dips, HSPUs, pull ups, press ups… gymnastics and bodyweights in general.

What was your first CrossFit breakthrough?
Great question. I think it was Olympic lifting in general. When I started my first CrossFit Total was 515 pounds. I couldn’t lift any weight, much less properly. Also, the first time I did Annie it took me 67 minutes in January of 2009 with a black band and tore the hell out of my hands. Raf Flores out at CF Boston stuck it out with me for all of that time that never seemed like it would end. I did it without a band unassisted in 26:50 in October of 2009. I’d call 40 minutes off my time good progress 🙂

What’s your drink?
Post WOD Milk!

What does your average training diet look like?
Mince, eggs, avocado, and berries for breakfast. Turkey, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, olive oil, and fruit for lunch. Chicken, broccoli, and olive oil for dinner.

What goal are you still aiming to accomplish?
A lot! First muscle up would be great. CrossFit Total of 900lbs, 6 minute Fran, 20 round Cindy, 10 minute Helen, 45 minute Eva

What is it that has kept you into and motivated by CrossFit?
Results and the community. I’m in the best shape of my life which has been positive for other aspects of my life too. The community is the best part though. Wow. Whether it’s been Boston, London, or DC, with CF you find a quality group of people who take as much pride and joy in the accomplishments of others as they do their own. There is no typical Crossfitter. People come from a wide variety of backgrounds which makes the community that much more remarkable and vibrant in my eyes. The generosity of spirit you find is unique.

Have any advice for our new members or potential CrossFitters?
The biggest challenge for beginners I think is just showing up. You will simply get better. It’s a proven system that’s worked for thousands and thousands of people that is also sustainable. Ask questions and use the reservoir of support that is there for you every class in the form of the technical knowledge of the coaches and the moral support of your fellow Crossfitters. You’re not doing this alone.

What was intimidating for me when I first walked in was thinking if I wasn’t doing things as Rx’d that I was somehow not at par. Uh, not true. Rx’d is aspirational for even a lot of long time folks. Scaling does not equal failing. Rx’d is something to shoot for over the long run… but at the beginning it’s best to look at your baseline and personal growth. Even in a couple of months you’ll start to feel a difference in a performance and see a change in your appearance. And you’ll only know that if YOU KEEP A JOURNAL. Ok no more capital letters I promise.

What matters is that you come in and give it your total effort and commitment every time you come in. Whatever the result time or rep wise so be it. Your form matters most at the beginning. The fitness will come. The most inspiring people at the gym are always the beginners who refuse to quit.

Most importantly: What is the greatest sports movie of all time?

Who isn’t crying right now? Just a little tear? A little moisture in the eyes?

Thursday’s WOD:
5 intervals of:
run 400m
15 KB swings 32/24kg
15 Pull ups

Rest 2 minutes between intervals

Welcome Mike and Raf


Mike and Raf holding the bottom of a squat at the top of the hill in Greenwich. Mike and Raf join us from NYC, bringing a great attitude and experience to Thames CrossFit. Welcome guys! Our park workout this Sunday will be held at Hyde Park at 11:00am, we will meet at Hyde Park Corner underground station and wait there until 11:10. Full directions in tomorrow’s post.

Friday’s WOD:
Power clean
1×90% (as many repetitions as possible)

For time:
30 squat Clean & Jerk 60/40kg