Weekend WOD – Tabata sprints

Only four minutes of work…which should tell you something about the intensity. Don’t skip this one, get out there and do it even if you’re just running up and down the streets of London (unless you live on Oxford st). Post impressions to comments.

Be sure to warm up for this one well!! Recommend at least 15 mins of jogging.

A: Tabata sprints
– 8 x 20 seconds max effort sprint, 10 seconds rest – the workout will take you 4 mins total, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off…DO NOT rest more than 10 seconds between intervals.

B: Stretch for a minimum of 20 minutes

This is the WOD for the weekend. If you’ve worked out the last 3 days, take Saturday off and do it tomorrow. If you’ve missed a day, get out and do it today.