Structure, Positional Work, and Gymnastics – Deload Week!

Here we are team! We are into our final week of the current training cycle. Some of you have already been hitting some big PB numbers which is great to see, but if you haven’t then don’t worry about it too much. We’ve got two weeks of testing coming up next week where you’ll have a chance to take stock in where your lifts currently stand.

This week we’ll be taking a step back from all the heavy lifting you’ve been doing and working through a deload week. If you’re wondering what a “deload” means, it’s essentially a week of rest or a reduction on the weight and/or volume of what your training cycle has involved.

Aside from when we tell you to deload (as its naturally built into training cycles for a purpose) there may be a few tell-tale signs that your body might be calling for a bit of a step back from all of the heavy training / lifting. Here’s a few of the key ones below:

You are generally weaker as the weeks go on

If you’re getting sore joints / recovery is slow

If you’ve just had a heavy training period / event

All of these cases can be the result of not only the stress that you put on it via your training, but also your everyday life stress that puts a strain on your central nervous system.

So all in all – take advantage of the fun workouts planned for this upcoming deload week and listen to your body!


A) EMOM x 5min.
10/7 Cal Assault Bike

From 6-11min. try to finish…
5 Rounds:
10 Front or Back Rack Lunges 40/30kg
10 Jumping Split Squats

From 12-17min.
EMOM x 5min.
12/9 Cal Row

From 18-25min. try to finish…
8 Rounds:
8 Front Squats 40/30kg
8 Toes-To-Bar

From 26-33min. try to finish…
100 Russian KB Swings 24/16kg


Classic CrossFit

A little “”Fight Gone Bad”” style workout today… Upper body focus

5 Rounds:
1min. of Max DB Bench Press 20/10kg
1min. of Max Cals Row/Ski
1min. of Push Press 40/30kg
1min. of Pull-Ups
1min. of Ball Slams
1min. of Rest

Extra Credit: Choose one 
1.) Weighted Planks. 1min. on x 1min. off for 3 rounds with a Challenging weight
2.) A 400m Farmer Carry 24kg/16kg KB
3.) 100 Russian Twists with 16/10kg DB


Teams of 2:
200 Cal Row
150 Barbell Thrusters
100 Bent over rows 20/16kg
150 Wall Balls 20/14
200 Cal Row


Partner WOD
35 Min Amrap:
1 Mile Run (200m intervals)
1 Mile Row (200m intervals)
1 Mile Assault Bike (.2 intervals)
100 Barbell Overhead Squats 20/15kg
100 *Optional movement 🙂

*1 Mile is 1600m

*Options for last section: You get to pick today!
1.) American KB Swings
2.) HSPU’s
3.) Pull-Ups
4.) Toes To Bar
5) Burpees


Classic CrossFit

A) 3 Rounds of:
10x Clean & Jerk @ 60/40kg
90sec Partner Muscle-up (1-3 each alternating for 90sec)
90sec Row
2:00 minute Rest

– 5 minute Rest –

B) 3 Rounds of:
10x Front Squat @ 50% 1RM
90 second Partner Burpee/Pull-up (3 each alternating for 90 seconds)
90sec Double Unders
2:00 minute Rest


EMOM x 24min. (6 Rounds)
Min. 1) 15 DB Bench Press 20/16kg
Min. 2) 50 Double unders
Min. 3) 15 Weighted Sit ups
Min. 4) 10/7 Cal Bike Sprint!

Rest 4min.

For Time: (CAP: 10min.)
American KB Swings 24/16kg


Sweat “”SUPER Chief””

3 Rounds:
3min. AMRAP:
3 DB Power Cleans
6 Push-Ups
9 Air Squats

Rest 1 minute after each round.

3 Rounds:
3min. AMRAP:
3 DB Thrusters
6 Push-Ups
9 Sit-Ups

Rest 1 minute after each round.

3 Rounds:
3min. AMRAP:
3 DB Deadlifts
6 Push-Ups
9 Pull-Ups

Rest 1 minute after each round.
Start where you left off on the previous round for each AMRAP.

Stay at each station for all 3 rounds. 1min. rest after each round. Then after round 3, rest 1min. and go into the next section. 36min. Total.


Team WOD 35min. to finish…

3 Rounds:
30 Alt. DB Snatches 22/16kg
40 Wall Balls 9/6kg
30 Burpee Deadlifts 22/16kg

70/50 Cal AD

2 Rounds:
30 Alt. DB Snatches 22/16kg
40 Wall Balls 9/6kg
30 Burpee Deadlifts 22/16kg

70/50 Cal AD

1 Round:
30 Alt. DB Snatches 22/16kg
40 Wall Balls 9/6kg
30 Burpee Deadlifts 22/16kg

*Bike can be switched out for a 70/50 Cal ski or an 800m Run today (in 200m intervals)