Strength in Depth Qualifier 1 – Deadline Approaching!

For those of you that have said you were in for Strength in Depth Origins 2019, this is a reminder that your scores for the first qualifier workout is due this Sunday July 28th. If you haven’t had a chance to attempt this one yet please do so by Friday July 26th as the gym will be closed this weekend and you won’t be able to complete it then! Submit your scores to Misty via the link below.

SID Qualifier 1 WOD Standards

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1) Power snatch + OH squat + Snatch balance
4 x 1+1@70-75%
2)Back squat
4 x 2@80%
3) Power clean + Split jerk
4 x 1 + 3 @ 60-70%
4)Tricep extensions
3 sets”


**Gym Closed for CrossFit Level 2**