Strength Cycle – Testing Phase is in!

Hey Crew !

As most of you know we have testing week coming up for the cycle we have just completed and are about to embark upon coming up! Yup , you heard right. It’s 2 Weeks!

The reason for the 2 weeks is we want to get as much out of the tests as possible so some days we can just focus on a lift and test it as best we can on the day, hit some PBs and throw some high fives around. For other days we may focus more on the WOD more intensely and the lift may be secondary on the list. This will also be dictated by yourself and your goals however. The cycle we are going into is more is going to have a lot of strength work and “simple” intense WODs to get to get you firing on all cylinders! So go hard where you need and want to with the tests and then strap in for the cycle itself and get ready to put the work in. It’s going to be tough. It will also get you to where you want to go if you embrace it.

I’ve put up the template for the testing weeks up above so you can make your plan of attack. CrossFit wants us to be awesome at everything which is something we would all love. However it doesn’t fit everyone depending on where you are on your fitness journey and chances are if you are chasing everything you wont make as much progress as you would like whereas if you really focus on specifics you are going to hit your goal. If you are only training 3x a week for an hour then you are limited to what you can do so I want you to be able to use the time as best you can. Use it to get your advantage and everything else is a bonus.Feel free to ask any questions to myself or any of the coaches if you are unsure how to achieve your goals. if not then just enjoy the ride 🙂

So for the next two weeks make sure you come to the days that line up with your goals and get ready to put the work in with the gain train ahead !

As ever crew comments and queries are welcome! Email me


A) Find 5 Rep Max Deadlift

B) Find a max single set strict HSPU or Push Ups

C) For time:
50 Burpees


Classic CrossFit

A) Find 5 Rep or 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat

B) Max strict pull ups

C) 6 Minute AMRAP
1 Power Snatch 50/30kg
1 C2B
2 PS
2 C2B
3 PS
3 C2B


5km Row Testing


7 Minutes of Max Effort Burpees to target
– 7 minute rest
5 Minute Max Effort Wall balls 9/6kg
-7 Minute Break
3 Minutes Max Effort Muscle ups


Classic CrossFit

A) Find 10RM Bench Press

B) Max single set T2B

C) 5min AMRAP
5 clean and jerk 60/40kg
-2 min rest
4min AMRAP
5 clean and jerk
-2 min rest
3min AMRAP
5 clean and jerk
-2 min rest
2min AMRAP
5 clean and jerk


10 – 1

Renegade Man Makers
Row (1 rep is 100m)


A) Find 5 Rep Max Back Squat

B) Max single set ring dips

C) 500m Row For time!


A) Power Clean 1 Rep Max

B) Partner AMRAP for 15 Minutes :
10 Power Cleans 70/50kg
100m Sprint
30 Double Unders

I go you go for complete rounds !