Smooooooth Operatooooor! – Coach James Edition

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

The best way to enjoy this smoothie is using frozen fruit, it gives it a much creamier taste and milkshake like texture.

Blend the following together:
– 400m Milk or whichever milk you’d like to use
– 1 scoop of your favourite chocolate protein powder (mine is “chocolate smooth” from myprotien)
– 1x Frozen Banana
– 100g Frozen Blueberries
– 25g Peanut Butter

Optional if you’re looking to increase the calories, maybe you’re on a bulk then you can add in some oats to increase carbs count, I usually add in 100g if you do this then you may want to add in a little more milk if you don’t like a thick shake.

Wednesday Oly Club

1)Snatch + Below then knee HS
4 x1+1
2)Split jerk
1 x 3
2 x 2
2 x 1
3)Back squats
4 x 2
4)Pull ups
3 x 5-10 Weighted
4b)Bear plank
3 x 20-30

Sunday Oly Club

1) Power Clean + Split jerk
1 x 1+3
2 x 1+2
2 x 1+1
2) Front squat
4 x 2
3)Clean Deadlift
4 x 2 AHAFA
4)Chin ups
3 x 5
4b)Hamstring curls/holds
3 x 8-12/ 15-20 secs