Reminder! Bring a friend week and Beyond the Workout!

Hey Team!

We have a few things coming up which we don’t want you to miss out on. We have plenty of skill work vibes for you all to work on and a free week of training for you and your friends to come down and try some CrossFit workouts out with us!

Bring a friend Week!

Just a reminder for you all who want to bring your super best non-CrossFit Thames friend down to try out some classes then you can do! From the 24th of February till the 1st of March you can bring your friends down to any class for FREE! All we ask is that you email Misty with their details so we can get them set up. (

If they have done CrossFit before then amazing if they haven’t then fear not! The WODs are “simple” so they won’t be facing too complex movements etc and as Coaches, as you all know, we can change anything as needed to better suit their needs for the day.

Beyond the WOD!

On Friday the 28th we have our first Beyond the workout session of the year. For those that don’t know, Beyond the WOD is our big open skill session. We get as many coaches down as we can and we have a set few skills we work on in groups with Coaches breaking it down for you to go through the progressions for you to hopefully get on the evening and if not then give you the skills to take away and work on to get it locked in!

This skill session will be Pull Based.
So we will be going over the Pull up in all its variations
Strict (improving it and or building towards it if you haven’t got one yet!)
Kipping Pull up (how-to and making it more effective)
Butterfly (Going from caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly! -This joke was brought to you by Bridget 😛 )

We will also be going over the bar Muscle Up again as it has been requested a fair bit and it will be coming up a lot in the next cycle along with a lot of Pull-ups so prep yourselves now! 🙂

If you guys want a certain skill then there will be a vote going up in the Facebook group and on Instagram on Monday! Make sure you get involved if you want to see something in particular. If we don’t get to it then we can work it into our next session!

When is it?
Friday the 28th. It will be from 1800 till 1930. Hit the button below to sign up so we know who to expect!

Please Sign Up Here!

We plan on doing a little parter WOD at the end of the session too so you can still get a little extra sweat on if you want to before leaving! Huzzah!