Recovery For All Ages & Goals – Head Coach Milo

Most of you are probably going to hate this blog. It’s going to be my biggest “it depends” blog of my career. (there’s been quite a few already haha)

So, common question all the time. How much should I be training? I’m an older athlete how much should I be training? I’m an endurance athlete, how much should I be training?

It depends.

I’m going to frustrate you all and tell you all the above are irrelevant. (to a degree…) I know. What the F Milo are you actually going to tell us anything or what?

Ok, listen. All of the above is the WRONG question. The right question should be “What can I recover from?”

Joe blogs who has trained all his life but is over 60 years old will probably recover better than Mr Smith who is 20 and has only ran after his friends in the playground when he was 6 and tells people he runs. So Joe doesn’t need less just because he is older than Mr Smith.

The next one is what can YOU as an individual recover from? Are you thinking about recovery at all? I’m not just talking a day off a week I’m talking actual recovery where you sleep and feel good the next day after training. Yes, training by default will cause fatigue. If it didn’t it’s chances of helping you progress would be slim if any at all.

But let’s say you’re training 3-4 times a week and you feel good and are making progress. You change nothing and decide to add an extra day of training. You are still super stressed out on Fridays because everything at work needs to be done before the Close of play for the weekend but you’re going to add an extra session anyways. After a few weeks, you aren’t feeling so great. Well, maybe you just aren’t there yet. Maybe other things in your life are stressing you out enough as it is and you trying to kill yourself with thrusters isn’t helping. Stress is stress. Good stress caused on the body by training (pending on your program maybe… 😛 ) is still the same as stress caused by some douche bag at work. It’s something you and your body have to recover from. If you don’t then fatigue starts to kick in. And trust me it has a fucking steel toe cap boot on it.

Now, for the above example, we can make adjustments to make it work. If you train super hard 3 x a week but want to ramp it up to 5 to maximise gym time and work on your goals then a one of or all these things need to happen.
1. You need to add more recovery to your goal as well! This means making sure you get enough sleep. (dans blog) You need proper food to support your body and your goals.
2. You need to think about the volume getting put in. If you are seeing progress on squatting 2x a week just adding another day of squats to that may not be the best approach if you aren’t recovering. Maybe have 1 hard session and then split the other session across two? Still getting the same amount of work done but you’ll be able to recover a lot better. Simple.
3. Similar to number two. You need to split your “focus”.
Day 1: I’m going to go HAM as a MF.
Day 2: I’m going to move as well as humanly possible and think about accessory work.
Day 3: I’m going to pour gasoline on myself and get some!
Day 4: I’m going to take a chill pill and move. Improve some skills and spend some time at a place I love. Sweet!

So, if we go back a little it has nothing to do with how many sessions a week you can do but what is the maximum amount of work you can put in that you can actually RECOVER from to help it be beneficial to you. And that, unfortunately, I can’t put into one blog and say you need to do “X” and you need to do “Y”. This is going to be extremely individual again based on the amount of volume you are doing, your day to day stress, how much you sleep, food, your “engine” (Someone who has worked out for Years compared to someone who has just stepped into a gym) etc etc

Aka, It depends. 🙂

The best amount of training is the training that pushes your body to adapt AND you can recover from. There needs to be a balance of Intensity and volume. Not a blanket of I’m in the “X” age category so I need this. I’m an Olympic weightlifter So I need “Y”.

There. Confused yet? 😛


A) Shoulder Work
5 Sets through of
10 Shoulder press
8 Pendlay Row

B) 4 Sets:
100m sprint
Shoulder to Overhead
100m sprint
*2 min rest

Classic – OHS & STOH, 15 reps @ 40/30kg Aim to stay unbroken and push the pace to earn that rest!

Strength – OHS & STOH , 15-12-9-6 Increasing in weight and aim to complete in 1-2 sets. Needs to be a challenging weight but shouldn’t stop you from moving!


Classic CrossFit

A) Back Squat
6 Sets of 1
@ 85 – 95%, climbing, rest as required

B) 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Cals Of Choice
Thruster 35/20kg


EMOM x 35min: (5 Rounds)
Min 1:
12/10 Cal Row
Min 2: 15 DB Bench Press 22/10kg
Min 3: 12/10 Cal Bike
Min 4: Max DB Skull Crushers
Min 5: 60 Double Unders
Min 6: DB Hammer Curls
Min 7: Rest


Classic CrossFit

A) 8 Minute EMOM:
3 Position Snatch (High Hang, Hang, Floor),
choose a weight and stick with it

B) Intervals
3x: 30 ME AD for cals, -1 Min Rest
-3 min rest
3x: 30 ME Row for cals, -1 Min Rest
-3 min rest
3x :30 ME Ski for cals, :1 Min Rest

– The score is total calories!


Classic CrossFit

A) Push press
Build to around 60-70%
8 Min EMOM for 3 Reps TNG
(add weight if needed to make challenging!)

B) For Time!
400m run
50 WBS 9/6kg
400m run
40 Wall Balls
400m run
30 Wall Balls
400m run

High Skill – Muscle Ups 12-9-6
Strength – Pull Up 30-20-10 (As many strict as possible every time you jump on the bar)
Classic CF – Chest to Bar 30-20-10


2 Rounds:

400m Run
50 Push Press 35/25kg
500m Row
50 Push-Ups

5 Rounds:

15 Bent over rows (R.G)
10 KB Deadlifts 32/24kg

Max Russian twists with a 15/10kg DB.


Classic CrossFit

A) 15 min to climb to as heavy as possible for the day
1 Front Squat + 2 Back Squats

B) Bulgarian Split Squat
5 x 5 (per leg) , 30X1 Tempo

C) 9 Minute Amrap:
12 Alt DB Snatch 22/16kg
5 Burpee Box Jump 24/20


35min. to finish…
100 Cals of Choice
100 Hang Power Cleans 60/40kg
100 Cals of Choice
100 American KB Swings 32/24kg

50 HSPU’s

50 Cals of Choice
50 Hang Power Cleans 60/40kg
50 Cals of Choice
50 American KB Swings 32/24kg

25 HSPU’s

Teams of 2! Only one working at a time!

-Are you both HSPU ninjas?! Double it! make it 100 and 50 HSPU between sections 🙂