Pancakes – Nutrition Coach Sinead!


(makes 2)
350g banana, roughly chopped
2 medium eggs
1.5 scoop whey (flavour of your choice – I usually use vanilla or unflavoured)
Generous pinch cinnamon
2.5g butter


2 slices streaky smoked bacon
100g ricotta
2 tsp good quality honey*
Small grating of fresh ginger (approx. 0.25cm stem)
10g walnuts
150g blueberries
100g banana, sliced


1. Whip the ricotta together with the honey and ginger and leave to the side, ready to dollop on the cooked pancakes.

2. Cook the bacon under the grill on a high heat, until crispy.

3. As the bacon is cooking, make the pancake batter by beating together the banana, eggs, whey and cinnamon with a fork until well combined. Add water until the batter forms a thick pancake consistency (usually ~30ml). Do not worry if some small lumps of banana remain, as these will ‘melt’ into the pancakes as they cook.

Protein – 40g
Fat – 20g
Carbs – 70g

Oly Club Wednesday
1) Back squat

6 x 3
2) Hang power clean
4 x 2
3) Split jerk
4 x 2
4a) Barbell hip thrusters
3 x 8-12
4b) Deadbug
3 x 16

1)Back squat

6 x 3
2) Power snatch (High-med-low)
4 x 1+1+1
3) Push jerk
4 x 2
4) Chin ups
3 x 8
4b) Banded Tricep extensions
3 x failure