Pain Doesn’t Have To Mean Stop – Coach Milo

While we all would love to be an indestructible superhero, unfortunately we’re all going to experience phases when we’re unable to perform at our maximum – whether that’s due to injury or overwork. If you are suffering from pain or some serious DOMs, are in need of a rest day, or are recovering from injury or illness, there are ways to get through it while keeping your fitness on track.


Put the flexibility to work. With expert guidance and the ability to swap movements at any time, the coaches can help you work around any temporary physical setbacks. Start with these ideas:

– Look for modifications from the coaches. For example, if you have a bad knee, taking the ‘explosive’ element out of Box Jumps and changing it for alternating step ups at a lower height will allow you to continue the workout and probably build some much needed single leg strength/ stability.

– As an alternative to those intense partner WODs on Saturday, try Yoga with Christine in the afternoon. Not just low impact and great for rehabilitation, yoga can also strengthen key parts of the body, giving you a great base from which to build overall fitness.

– To avoid future injury, take your time and really slow down the movements and work on your form. Keep the weights light and work on positions especially with the complex movements such as cleans and or snatches. These can take time to perfect and doing it with a lighter weight is the way to do it , not constantly trying to max out. Thats the shortcut to injury or cutting gains short. Neither of which we want.


For some of us, injury isn’t a one-off event, but can be a persistent pain – such as a bad back or hip, or constant knots in the neck and shoulders. That’s where our Coaches come in. Maybe it’s time work on your mobility and stability to overcome knotted muscles caused by sitting at a desk all day for years and even to relieve chronic injuries. Here’s how:

– Strengthen the posterior chain muscles, retraining the body to take strain off your spine. It’s not only about pain relief, but helps to improve posture and breathing, plus can be an alternative to warm-up exercises or a workout in its own right.

– Even when you’re feeling great, make mobility a regular part of you training regime. If you have spent years with tight hips due to cycling , running marathons or just hunched over a desk it’s going to take more than the 5 minutes a week you are currently doing to fix it!


Sometimes, after a setback, it’s hard to get yourself into the swing of regular training again. But even if you’re not quite up to doing a full workout, it’s important (both mentally and physically) that you keep moving. In times like these, try a metcon class, a yoga class or do class as normal and just focus on moving well doing what you can for 60 mins. Other day to day alternatives to stay on track:

– Walk wherever and whenever possible. Try logging your steps and aim for 10,000 per day.

– Always take the stairs, and avoid escalators, and elevators/lifts.

– When out walking, look for hills, slopes and just aim to move around a bit more.

– Get a few extra steps in by parking your car a little further away from your destination. Or, if you catch public transport, get off a stop early.

– When watching TV, get up and do some stretch during the ads or between episodes. Also a perfect time to grab a lacrosse ball and start rolling some of those super tight areas!

– Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to move every hour: then do 20 squats, one lap of the backyard, go downstairs, or wander into the office kitchen for a glass of water – whatever works for where you’re at. From my experience too long in any one position can be a bit much so move around as much as you can.


A) Weightlifting Superset, 5 Rounds of:
10 Back Rack Lunges
*5 reps on each leg, Build in weight and take your time descending. Control the descent.
10 Stiff leg Deadlifts
-Rest 2min. between sets
-Score is heaviest of each combined

B) 15min. AMRAP:
8 Pull Ups
10 Push-Ups
12 Air Squats


Classic CrossFit

Every 6min. x 6 Rounds:
400m Run
15 Toes To Bar
AMRAP “DT” until the 5min. mark
“DT” is 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 push jerks.

You ill be doing as many rounds as possible until the 5min. mark… Start where you left off on the next round (After you finish the run and TTB)

Strength Variation!
Every 6min. x 6 Rounds:

400m Run
15 Toes To Bar
1 Round of “Ascending” DT

Aka do 1 round only per 6 Min window but build in weight. So for example round 1 use 60/40 then 70/50 etc and see how heavy you can get WITHIN the time frame.


Every 5 min x 5 Rounds
20/15 Cal Bike + 50 KB Front Squat
2. 20/15 Cal Bike + 500m Ski
3. 20/15 Cal Bike + 50 Wall Balls 9/6kg
4. 20/15 Cal Bike + 500m Row
5. 20/15 Cal Bike + 50 Kb Front Squat

Rest 4 min

2 Rounds:
1 min Russian Twist with DB
1 min Plank
1 min Weighted Sit-Up with (same DB)
1 min Plank
1 min rest


Classic CrossFit

5 Rounds:

1min. of Close Grip Bench Press 60/35kg
15sec. transition to:
1min. of Pull-Ups
15sec. transition to:
1min. of Max Cals on the Bike/ski

Rest 3min.

This is going to be a 30min. Share benches and get to the next station by that 15sec. mark. Go as hard as you can because a 3min. rest is coming. Make sure you earned it. Score is combined reps and cals.


Classic CrossFit

A) Overhead Squat
5 x 40% of 1RM
5 x 50%
5 x 60%
*After each set hop on the rower and row for max calories in 90sec.
Rest 2-3 min. between sets (3 sets total)

B) For Time:

Alt. DB Snatch 22/16kg

Between each set complete:
10 Wall Balls 9/6kg
50 Double Unders
Time CAP: 15min.


100 Double Unders
50 Alt. KB Snatch 24/16kg
40 Bent over Rows with KBs
30 Push-Ups

3 Rounds:

500m Row
400m Run

30 Push-Ups
40 Bent over Rows with KBs
50 Alt. KB Snatch 24/16kg
100 Double Unders


Classic CrossFit

A) Snatch
10min. EMOM:

3 Power Snatches

*Shoot for about 65-70% of your 1RM for ALL sets.
*Touch and Go preferred
*Spend this time working on your form and getting comfortable. Move your feet around and play with your cadence from the floor. Little touches can make the biggest difference sometimes.

B) On the 3min. x 5 Rounds:
Run 200m
AMRAP 5 Power Cleans 60/40kg + 5 Burpees over the bar in remaining time

* Continue where you left off after each 200m run


In teams of 2 get as far as possible in 30min…

100 Wallballs 9/6kg
100 American KB Swings 32/24kg
800m Run
80 Sit-Ups
60 Pull-Ups
60 Lateral Barbell Burpees
40 Cleans 60/40kg
40 Jerks 60/40kg
20 Snatches 60/40kg
20 Muscle-Ups