Overhead Shoulder Mobility Hacks – By Coach James

When it comes to shoulder flexibility and mobility there’s 2 areas of musculature that will dramatically effect our range of movement and overhead position. The first being our pecs and the second being our lats both of which are very strong and powerful muscle groups and when they get tight then it can cause all sorts of problems, pains and injuries.

Both of the following mobility methods will help you increase passive and active range of motion and also allow you to become even stronger in every movements due to better positions.

Chest mob and stretch

Place a barbell in a rack at about hip hight, grab yourself a kb and position yourself so that your pec minor on top of the barbel with your arm one side and your body on the other. With the Kb in your hand externally rotate your shoulder so that your palm is facing away from you For 2 mins you are going to start smashing all the muscle and tissue in your pec by making small circles clockwise and anti clockwise trying to avoid any momentum from the Kb.

Its always good to freestyle a little, you can position yourself so that the barbell is right up in your armpit with the weight of that Kb allowing that shoulder joint to distract creating space for new range of motion.

Follow this up with a great chest stretch by facing away from the barbell holding on to it with straight arms behind you and then taking a knee will start to stretch our your chest and front deltoids. (you can use a thin band around the elbows to keep them locked out)

Lat mob and stretch

Take a peanut roller lie on your side with your arm out at a right angle and position the peanut at the very bottom of your lat, slowly roll the peanut up towards the armpit stopping when you feel that oh so pleasant sharp sensation.

When you find those sharp areas move your hand towards your hip and then to overhead hitting internal and external rotation by rotating your palm up towards the ceiling and then down to the floor.

Repeat this all the way up to the armpit or until you cant bear anymore and move on to this great lat and chest stretch.

Take a red band and double or triple it up and position it around your elbows. Find a space on a pull up bar making sure your feet can’t touch the floor. Use a bench to reach the pull up bar and then with the widest grip possible hang from the bar with a chin up grip and accumulate 2 mins how ever you need to break it up.

You can do this before or after training preferably both if you have time!

Class Programming for Week 5 of 5

Here we are already Peeps!

We have some good testing to hit this week with some of the Oly lifts , some classic CF WODs and open WODs , some high level skill and or basic BW strength testing and the Front squat which we have been working on for the past 5 weeks.


A) 20 Minutes to build to a heavy single Snatch
(Power or squat)

B) 20 Minutes to build to a heavy single clean and jerk
(Power or Squat)


Classic CrossFit

A) Push Press 1 or 5 Rep Max

B) “Jackie”
For time:
Row, 1000 m
50 Thrusters, 20/15kg Bar
30 Pull-ups


Teams of 2:
Get as far as possible in 35min…

3 Rounds:
30 DB Thrusters 20/10kg
30 DB Power Cleans

4 Rounds:
30 Cal Row
30 TTB

5 Rounds:
30 Russian KB Swings 32/24kg
30 Box Jumps 24/20

*No rest in between sections. I think some of you can finish this. Only 1 person works at a time.


A) Gymnastic Max Sets
– Muscle Ups or Pull Ups
– Handstand Push Ups or Push Ups

B) CrossFit Open 12.1
7 Minutes of Burpees


Classic CrossFit

A) Front Squat 1 or 5 RM

B) 2km Row Test


Every 3min. x 5 Rounds:
14 Cal Assault Bike
14 KB STOH 24/16kg
14 Double KB front rack squat 24/16kg

Rest 5min.

Every 3min. x 5 Rounds:
200m Run
15 Goblet Squats 24/16kg
20 Push-Ups


CrossFit Open 16.4/17.4
As many reps as possible in 13 mins of:
55 Deadlifts 100/70kg
55 Wall Balls, 9/6kg
55 Row Calories
55 Handstand Push-ups

If 55 handstand push-ups are completed, the athlete will move back to the barbell and begin another round.