Optimising Nutrition in a Busy Lifestyle – by Sinead

I would eat better, but …

I work long hours / I hate cooking / I am a busy parent / I have a million hobbies / I am not sure what ‘eating better’ means / it is expensive / [insert other reason].

The food we eat fuels our daily activities and builds our bodies for today and the future – so, unsurprisingly, to perform to our best we need our nutrition to be on point.

This post is a list of practical top tips to improve your nutrition, whoever you are. It may not be able to take you to ‘optimal’ nutrition, but all movement in the right direction is progress!

Increase your fruit and veg intake

  • Add fruit to your breakfast
  • Add a side salad to your lunch; if your lunch spots don’t sell one, take a 2 min detour to the supermarket on the way to work for a £1 salad bowl. Dress with balsamic vinegar
  • If you don’t buy fresh fruit and veg because don’t know when you will be home to eat it, buy frozen

Eat bacteria (fermented foods) every day!

  • Full fat yoghurt, soft aged cheeses, kombucha, kimchi, miso, sauerkraut …

Limit non-food chemicals:

  • Buy a fresh lunch! i.e. where the food is made fresh daily; avoid pre-packaged supermarket!
  • Choose natural yoghurt with some fresh fruit and honey over low fat flavoured yoghurt
  • Switch crisps for veg sticks and hummus, or nuts with a shaking of salt
  • Eat good quality chocolate – Green&Black and Lindt over Nestle and Cadbury


  • Make a ‘go to’ list of healthy choices at your usual lunch and dinner spots, i.e. simple ingredients, including meat / fish / plant protein, and vegetables. This removes ‘in the moment’ decisions that are more likely to result in a choice that is excessively processed or high in calories
  • Bulk cook curries, pastas, porridge etc at weekends and refrigerate / freeze for the week ahead

Snack wisely

  • See this article from BBC Food for ideas. Plan your snacks to avoid making unhealthy choices in a fit of hunger!
  • If you eat sugar, don’t eat it alone. Eat a high protein yoghurt, crudités and hummus, coconut, nuts or rye crackers alongside

Drink well

  • Drink 1ml per kcal you eat; keep a bottle on your desk and sip through the day!

In summary …

And that is that! I hope this whistle-stop tour has started to show you how with every meal you can make choices that benefit your health. This doesn’t take all the fun out of eating and drinking. Go to nice restaurants, eat what you enjoy, have ice cream and drink wine. Just, for the sake of your health and your career, don’t live off sugar rich nutrient poor foods every day – you have one body, treat it well!!

Class Programming – Week 4 of 5


A) Snatch
Every 2 min. x 7 Rounds:
3 Snatches (Climbing)

*Try and really hit something big here

B) For Time:
Alt. DB Snatch 22/16kg
Wall Balls 9/6kg

immediately into
Alt. DB Snatch 30/22kg
Wall Balls 9/6kg

*Cap 13 Mins*


Classic CrossFit

A) 5 Sets:
3 Power Cleans building to as heavy as possible
immediately into
3 Box Jumps as high as possible! (use plates to stack on top of boxes)
*Rest 90sec. between sets*

B) 5 Sets:
5 Push Press building to heavy as possible (share the racks)
immediately into;
1min. Max Cals on the assault Bike (repeatable effort)
*Rest 90sec. between sets*

C) 50’s
50 plate to feet sit ups
1 Min Plank
50 Russian twists with plate
1 Min Plank
50 Hollow Rocks
1 Min Plank


10 DB Bench Press 20/10
10 Pull-Ups

10 DB Bent Over Rows (Each Side)
50 Double Unders

10 Box Jumps 24/20
15 Russian KB Swings 32/24

10 TTB
30 Mt. Climbers (L+R= 1)

*REST 3min. after each section. You should need it if you go hard!


A) DB Bench Press
5 x 10

B) 15min. AMRAP:
1 Rope Climb
10 Cal Row/Bike
15 H.R. Push-Ups


Classic CrossFit

A) Every 3min. x 10 Rounds:
5-10 Toes to bar
50 Double Unders
2 Deadlifts (Climbing)

B) AB work
40sec. Plank
20sec. Rest
40sec. Right Side Plank
20sec. Rest
40sec. Left Side Plank
immediately into;
1min. of russian twist w/ 5kg plate

Rest 1min. x 3 Rounds


3 Rounds:
400m Run
40 DB Hang Snatch 22/16kg
400m Row
4 Wall Walks

For Time:
100 Goblet Squats 32/24kg
*EMOM 5 Burpees
*Start with Burpees


A) Front Squat
5 x 40%
5 x 50%
5 x 60%

B) 15min. AMRAP:
15/12 Cal Row
5 Power Clean and Jerks 60/40kg
15 Pull-Ups
Round 2: 5 Power Clean and Jerks 65/42.5
Round 3: 5 Power Clean and Jerks 70/45kg
Round 4: 5 Power Clean and Jerks 75/47.5kg
Round 5: 5 Power Clean and Jerks 80/50kg

…. Keep adding 5/2.5kg if you get to this point…


Teams of 2:
Get as far as possible in 35min…

3 Rounds:
30 Thrusters 40/30kg
30 Power Cleans

4 Rounds:
30 Cal Row
30 TTB

5 Rounds:
30 Wall Balls 9/6kg
3 Rope Climbs