On The Twelfth Day Of CrossFit My Coaches Gave To Me…!

Quick reminder about Friday gang!
We are having a final do so we would love for as many of you who are able to come join us in the evening where we will be doing the last WOD and having a mini bake off ! We also have some prizes for the bake off and some annual awards to give out! Hope to see you all there ! Bring your best X-mas jumper 😛
Heats will be at 6-7 and 7-8pm 🙂 Then eat cake for time.

In honour of all the WODs we have done the past 11 days we are going to finish strong with our version of the 12 Days of CrossFit for 2019!

We will be doing a 12 days WOD with a feature from each and every one of the 11 days up unto this point!
Aka “Bert” had a smidge of running involved so movement number 1 will be running! Cough you’re welcome cough! WOD two was “Nate” so next will be Muscle ups and so on and so forth !

12 Days of CrossFit Thames 2019!

1 – Run (100m)
2 – Muscle Ups
3 – Snatches 50/35kg
4 – Overhead Squat 50/35kg
5 – Pull Ups
6 – Push Ups
7 – Burpees
8 – Back Squat 50/35kg
9 – Thrusters 50/35kg
10 – Clean and Jerks 50/35kg
11 – Wall Balls & Sit Ups
12 – DB Man Maker step overs 22/16kg

So this will work like the song. Do 1 run , then 2 Muscle Ups and 1 run, then 3 Snatches and 2 Muscle Ups and 1 run etc etc 🙂 Lets finish in style gang! Woo!