OLY Club For the Week!

Reminder about the Competitors Mentorship Program!

This is a 6 Week “Camp” built and geared for athletes who want to be more competitive in CrossFit. Pure and simple.

We want to help you be the most competitive athlete you can be without being able to go back in time and change your genetic make up and start training way sooner in life !

We want to help you build a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

If you’re interested and want more details – hit the link below!

Apply For Competitors Mentorship Program


A1) High hang clean
3 x 2@<80% A2) Clean
3 x 2@80%
B) Front squats
3 x 3
C) Split Jerk
3 x 2@80%


A) Snatch + Hang snatch + Snatch balance
4 x 1+1+1
B) Back squat
4 x 2
Tempo 3101
C) Halting Snatch Deadlifts
3 x 2
D) Push press
3 x 3@80%