Now Introducing – Coach Melissa

We are proud to announce that Melissa has officially joined the coaching team here at CrossFit Thames this week!

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her or working with her just yet, she was born and raised in Boston, Melissa moved over to London nearly ten years ago to study for her Master’s Degree in International Relations.

She has always loved sport, having played football throughout her childhood. Her sister first introduced her to CrossFit over four years ago and she hasn’t looked back, now taking part in competitions across the UK and Europe.

Melissa is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. After gaining some initial coaching experience she joined Thames where she completed the internship programme. She has also taken part in the Strength Education course. She’s passionate about helping people to move well, exceed their expectations and improve their health and lives in the process.

Welcome to the team Melissa!


1) Back squats
3 x 1@90%+
2) Power clean + Low pos power clean + Clean
4 x 1+1+1
3) Heavy jerk dip
4) Split jerk
4 x 2@80-85%


1)Front squats
3 x1@90%+
2)Snatch high pull + Snatch
4 x 1+1 @70-75%
3)Push press
4 x 2@80-85%
4)Chin ups
4 x #