Next Cycle Focus – Coach Milo

Hey Thamesians !

Well done to everyone for all your hard work on the last cycle and so many PBs it was amazing to see!

For the next cycle as we previously discussed we will be hitting some of the Oly Lifts a bit more. We have set the foundation on the previous cycle. Hence all the overhead squats to help you prepare for this cycle coming in now. If you missed the last cycle then fear not we have still got you covered and if needed we can reign things in a bit for you.

Going forward we will be snatching , power cleaning , and or clean and jerking on the regular along with some set percentage work on Front squats !

For the other lifts now that we have some bigger numbers set in (Congratulations again on all those PBs !!!). Now we need to work on repeatability with those new numbers and getting used to moving them regularly and sometimes under some stress. Remember the golden rule! We need to stress to progress! 

So you will now see some extra work in on some of the lifting days such as deadlifts , presses , push press etc. As an example on Deadlift day we may have an every 3 minutes do a 200m hard run straight into a set of 3 deadlifts at a low percentage. On round two you would add weight to the deadlift and build as you go.
Again the reason behind this is to stress you a little while still maintaining that good posture and position but not so much so as just throwing a really heavy weight it a workout where we know eventually you’ll just break down and form will disappear.

For the Snatch , Clean and Jerk Days we wont be doing that however so we can really build some good technique work in and focus on positions. If you are ninja then you will have the chance to go heavy as long as form maintains.

Also be prepared for some burner workouts coming your way. I have added in a lot of midline work too this cycle round for you to get stuck into. Some may be more challenging that you think so make sure you don’t skip over it !

Due to nature of this cycle it wont be as long as the last one , this cycle will last 5 weeks.

For those of you who asked for some more benchmark WODs during the week and not just the weekend then keep your eyes peeled! I think you are going to enjoy some of the ones we have picked out for you and a few that you know well with our little spin on it 😛 #HowBadCanItBe?

As ever gang if you want to get geeky over the programming then you can find me on all the social media channels or email me at !

Enjoy! 🙂


A) Every 4min. x 5 Rounds:
200m Run
5 Snatches (Climbing)
Remember that this is sets of 5, so it’s not going to be super heavy. Try and work on your touch and go for as long as possible before you go to singles. Power or Squat is fine.

B) For Time:

Strict Pull-Ups
Strict HSPUs

*Ideally I would like this to be done in 10-15min, so think about what you need to do to accomplish that. Some options might be:
1.) kip all of it
2.) 10 Rounds of just 3 reps each to keep you moving
3.) Only kip 1 movement


A) Front Squat
5 x 65%
5 x 75%
Max reps at 85%
*try to get more than 5

B) Teams of 2
5Km Row !


EMOM x 5min
10/7 Cal Bike
EMOM x 5min
20/15 Push Ups
EMOM x 5min
12/9 Cal Row
EMOM x 5min
15 KB Swings 32/24kg

-Rest 5min then;

10min. to finish:
DB Bent Over Row
Russian Twists with 10kg plate


…at the 0:00

400m Run
30 Russian KB Swings 32/24kg

…at the 10:00

20 Cal Assault Bike/ Row
30 DB Shoulder to overhead 22/16kg

…at the 20:00

400m Run
20 KB Front Rack Lunges 24/16kg (or use sandbags for the lolz 🙂 )

…at the 30:00

30 Cal row/AD
20 Bench Press 50/35kg


A) Power Clean
10 Minute EMOM

3 Minutes of 3 reps
3 Minutes of 2 Reps
4 Minutes of 1 Rep

The sets of 3 and 2 are touch and go. Hold onto that bar! We want solid reps , so if you look like an octopus on acid its too heavy!

B) Alternating EMOM for 16 minutes
Min 1)
16 Wall balls 9/6kg
Min 2) 16 Alt DB Snatches 22/16kg


EMOM x 35min: (5 Rounds)
Min 1:
12/10 Cal Row
Min 2: 15 DB Bench Press 20/10kg
Min 3: 12/10 Cal Bike
Min 4: Max DB Skull Crushers
Min 5: 60 Double Unders
Min 6: Max Bicep Curls with 20/16kg bar
Min 7: Rest


A) Bench Press
5 x 5 Bench @75-85% of 1RM

B) For Time: (10min. CAP)
30 Muscle Ups
*5 DB Thrusters 22/16kg EMOM until time CAP.

If you havent got Muscle ups yet we are focusing on the pull element so we want either 100 pull ups or 50 Chest to bars or 100 Strict as possible ring rows.


Partner WOD for Time:

2 Rounds:
50 Cal Row/ AD
25 Snatches 50/35kg

2 Rounds:
400m Run (100m intervals)
25 Handstand Push Ups

2 Rounds:
50 Cal AD/Row
25 Thrusters 60/40kg