New Skill , New Mindset – Coach Dan

Try to think back to when you first learned to ride a bike; at first you probably fell over a few times before your parents decided you needed to ride with training wheels before you could take it up to the next level of balancing on two wheels. The first time it finally clicks it feels like the best feeling in the world – probably a little like flying even for a second. After a while you forget about all the hard work and determination it took for you to pick up something new. So now that we’re much older with a long list of new priorities in life, how do we as athletes approach learning new skills?

There is No Magic Pill to get a New Skill

Here’s the first hard truth about learning something new – the road to success is often longer than you think, and you’ll have to put in the work to get there. All of the people that you see in the gym smashing out handstand walks, and muscle-ups went through their own personal journeys to make them look as effortless as you see them. If there’s something that is poking you in the back of your mind as something you want to master, the first step is accepting that the work won’t always be the most fun. Embrace the boring days along with the easy ones and stay focussed on the process.

Be almost obsessive about it

To successfully develop a new skill, you’ll have to develop a new habit to make meaningful progress with it. That means you have to be absolutely relentless with yourself about spending more of your spare time doing the things you suck at. You have to ask yourself how willing you are to get the work in. If you struggle with handstand push ups, do you devote some time before or after class to work on it? Could you maybe practice a handstand hold when you get home before dinner?

Here’s a simple example of adding a new habit to your training to build something new. When I first started CrossFit, I was really frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t do a strict handstand push up. Every day that I went to the gym, I committed to doing ten good reps before finishing the day. I stacked 3 ab-mats and some plates under my head to do as many of those ten reps as possible with any press at all before I couldn’t press any more. The remaining reps I simply scaled to a controlled negative to get my head down to the mat without pressing. In time I would take a mat away for some of the reps if not all. Within a few weeks I could manage one strict press with only one mat instead of 3 below my head!

The majority of us CrossFit athletes have an innate drive to build better versions of ourselves as fast as we can. Just know that it’s ok to want to achieve it all but doing it all at once will likely get you nowhere fast! Focus on one difficult thing and aim to do it exceedingly well.


A) Every 4min. x 5 Rounds:
200m Run
200m Row
5 Snatches (Climbing)

Remember that this is sets of 5, so it’s not going to be super heavy. Try and work on your touch and go for as long as possible before you go to singles. Power or Squat is fine.

B) For Time:

Strict Pull-Ups
Strict HSPUs

We keep re-hitting this one so please keep track of what you do so you can keep improving on it as we go!
Ideally I would like this to be done in 10-15min, so think about what you need to do to accomplish that. Some options might be:
1.) kip all of it
2.) 10 Rounds of just 3 reps each to keep you moving
3.) Only kip 1 movement
4.) Start backwards and give yourself a 15min. CAP


Classic CrossFit

A) Overhead Squat
3 x 70%
3 x 80%
Max reps at 90%

*In between each set complete 20 Russian Twists with the heaviest DB you can

B) For Time:
25 pull-ups
50-calorie row
100 overhead squats with Barbell
50 box jumps 24/20
25 pull-ups

Time CAP: 15min.


2 Rounds:

25 Cal Bike
25 KB Deadlifts 32/24kg

2 Rounds:

25 Cal Row
25 Box Jumps 24/20″

2 Rounds:

25 Ski Erg
25 Slam Balls

100 Russian Twists with 16/10kg DB


Classic CrossFit

Every 3min. x 10 Rounds:
15 Toes-To-Bar
50 Double Unders
Deadlift (Climbing)

*Rounds 1,2,3 = 5 reps
*Rounds 4,5,6 = 3 Reps
*Rounds 7,8,9,10 = 1 reps


Classic CrossFit

A) 4 Sets of:
10 Push Jerks (climbing)
immediately into;
1min. of max cals on the assault bike/ski
Rest 2min.

*Try and stay within 5 cals your best and worst. A good target should be 20/15+ each round for most.

B) 10min. EMOM:
8 Front Rack Lunges 40/30kg
Max Russian KB Swings in remaining time 32/24kg


35 min to finish…
Teams of 2!

800m Run (200m intervals)
100 Push Press 30/20kg
100 Sit-Ups
100 American KB Swings 24/16kg
150 Air Squats
100 American KB Swings 24/16kg
100 Sit-Ups
100 Push Press 30/20kg
800m Run (200m intervals)
Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time.


Classic CrossFit

A) 4 Rounds:
1min. of Power Cleans (Climbing)
immediately into;
1min. of Max Effort Bench Press (Climbing)
Rest 2min.
Round 1) 50%
Round 2) 60%
Round 3) 70%
Round 4) 80%

*Getting a few less reps each round is inevitable so don’t stress. Try not get less than 5 reps even on the last one. Plan accordingly.

B) 12min. AMRAP:
10 Cal Row
10 Hand Release Push-Ups
10 Wall Balls 9/6kg

*Round 2 is 20 Wall Balls
*Round 3 is 30…
*And so on… (Row and push-ups are always 10)


Teams of 2:
4 Rounds for time:

50 Cal Row
40 Burpees
30 Cal AD/Ski
20 Snatches 60/40kg

Rest 3min. and repeat

Round 1) Power Snatch
Round 2) OHS
Round 3) Power Snatch
Round 4) OHS

-35 Min time cap