Last chance to sign up for the Whole Life Challenge

Nutrition is the base!

Nutrition forms the base for all your athletic endeavours, whether you just want to keep fit and healthy, or you want dominate the Crossfit Games . Today is your last chance to sign up for the 8 week Whole Life Challenge and set about building your solid foundation from which you can continue to develop!

The WLC begins tomorrow 16th Feb, we will be taking our starting measurements and baseline workout at the gym. Measurements will take place 9am – 10am, with the workout 10am-11am.

“There comes a time when you stop settling for good enough and know that nothing less than great will do. You know it’s going to take something, something that you may not even know if you have yet.

There comes a time when you understand that there is another level, and that that’s where you want to live. You may find that what once pushed you has become routine, and the fire for something more starts to burn again.

There comes a time when you find that reasons “not to” have become unsatisfying and unrewarding. You may have repeated some excuses so often they actually appear to be true.

And there comes a time when one choice comes along that can alter everything…..The Whole Life Challenge Worldwide. Know yourself as the person you’ve always wanted to become.”

Don’t miss out, sign up now!!

Watch this video for an explanation of the rules and how the challenge works!

Workout of the day
10min AMRAP of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (120lbs / 55kg) – (90lbs / 40kg)
10 Muscle-ups