InterClass Throwdown & The 12 Days Of CrossFit… Literally…

So team!

As some of you may know already if you are part of the Instagram nation and have seen any of Coach Milo’s Stories… Big news!

This year we are going bigger and better! Yup, the title gives it away a little.

We are rolling the Interclass throwdown AND the 12 days of CrossFit into one BIG. BAD. ASS. EVENT! (say whaaaaaat? 🙂 )

How will this work?

Well, the first 6 Days will be the interclass throwdown in classic fashion. (Monday a solo WOD, Tuesday a partner WOD, Wednesday a team of 3, Thursday a team of 4, Friday no score day but still a part of the 12 days!, Saturday THROWDOWN! On Saturday there will be 2 WODs and a final for the top 3 teams. )

The Saturday throwdown will be our end of year party as well so we would love to have as many of you as possible there!

Then from Sunday onwards, we will roll straight into the 12 days! As ever the 12 days are a CHALLENGE and not necessarily the best training program ever. It’s more a little “test” that we love to see the year out. You will be sore. You will be tired. Doing 10 days would be an amazing achievement! If you need a rest day, take it. If you are aiming to do all 12 days then know going into that the aim WON’T be to get the top score each day. Some days will be just to move and get moving. Get yourselves ready peeps!


Starts 2nd of December ends the 13th!

The actual throwdown for the interclass will fall on the Saturday as per “usual” 🙂 (so the 7th of December)

Keep your eyes peeled for some WODs to be pre-released and for those team logos to pop up too 🙂