Interclass & 12 Days of CrossFit

How does this all work? What the hell is the interclass throwdown?

This blog is to answer any questions you may be having about that! 🙂

So this year team we are melding two of our favourite and biggest events of the year into one. We are combining our annual Interclass throwdown and our 12 Days into one long event!

What is the Interclass Throwdown?

The Interclass Throwdown is our in house competition between the classes for a year of bragging rights and a ton of fun! We run classes as usual throughout the week but compare the scores of the classes against each other rather than you competing against your super best friends in the same class all the time. It’s time to work together!

How does it work?

Come to class Monday to Thursday and give it your all to give your class the best score. Simple. 🙂 We as coaches then get all the scores together and start the Leaderboard which will be updated daily!
Friday would be a “rest” day. There will obviously still be a WOD and all that but no scores will be taken on this day.

Saturday! Saturday is game day! Come to the gym for our throwdown and compete with your class as a whole. Some great WODs, Food, Drinks and a super fun time!
There will be two WODs and a final to clinch the competition for a year of bragging rights! 🙂

We will also be having our X-mas party on this day. Our way of saying Thank you to you all who make Thames an amazing place to be.

What about the 12 Days?

Well if you don’t know, the 12 days Of CrossFit is a Thames traditional challenge to see out the year in style! originally it was 12 days of benchmark workouts. The few times of the year we go full CrossFit and just test everything all the time 😛

This year obviously things will be a little different. The first 6 Days will be the Interclass Throwdown. So you will still see some benchmark WODs but our spin on them to make them that little bit extra awesome and make you work in teams to get the best scores for your class (which again, more bragging rights 😛 )

Then after the throwdown, we will roll into the rest of the 12 days!