Hybrid Programs !

So as we briefly touched on we do offer Private training sessions for those of you who want to put a little extra into it and work towards a very specific goal. Be it long term strength goals or “short” term to work on certain skills.

We do our best with the programming in classes to hit all the different spectrums of fitness , however these can at times fall short of personal goals if you are chasing something very specific or trying to overcome a certain plateau. This is where our “Hybrid Programs” can come into play nicely. We all love our group classes and hanging out with our friends. Pushing each other and working hard. However if you are working towards hitting a 150kg back squat and the classes are hitting some Power endurance then you may not be getting the most out of your session. 

If you want to take the uncertainty out of it and know exactly where you are headed and keep doing classes ? Then you can do our “Hybrid Program” where you can still attend classes to get your fix and have a one to one session either weekly or bi weekly pending on your schedule and needs. Then the coach can help you adjust classes here and there to help you even more and obviously have another engaging and challenging program made just for you and your goals!

I think the biggest thing you will get out of this as well is in having a Coach in your corner to help you but also to keep you accountable in chasing towards that goal. We all “know” what we need to do however when life gets a little bumpy we tend to let things slide and before we know it we are back at the beginning or worse.

Our Hybrid Programs can either be:

30 minutes a week
2×30 minute sessions ( or rolled into one if you prefer)
3×30 minute sessions which again can be rolled together

Each of these come with some bespoke programming made for you and your goals to help you achieve them faster and that all important accountability which together will provide results and the transformation you are looking for !

Please reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss further and we will get you started!
If you already know which coach you would like to get started with then book in some time with them and have a sit down to go over your goals and you will be one step ahead of the game.



Every 5min. x 5 Rounds:
400m Run
21 KB Swings 24/16kg
Max Pull-Ups in remaining time…


Classic CrossFit

Every 3min. x 10 Rounds:
2 Power Cleans (Climbing)
15 TTB
50 Double Unders


10min. to finish…
KB Hang Snatches 20/16kg
Wall Balls 9/6kg

-3 Minute Rest –

10min. to finish…
5 Rounds:
15/10 Cal Bike
15 Weighted Sit ups

-3 Minute Rest –

10min. AMRAP:
15 Ball Slams
15 Push-Ups


A) Back Squat
3 x 70%
3 x 80%
max reps at 90%

B) For Time:
75 DB Snatch 32/22kg
EMOM: 7 Wall Balls 9/6kg


Classic CrossFit

Teams of 2:
100 Cal Row “”buy in”” then;
Deadlift 120/85kg
Thruster 40/30kg

(CAP: 35min.)


EMOM x 10min. (both in the same min.)
8 DB Thrusters 20/16kg
7 Burpees

EMOM x 10min. (both in the same min.)
8 Pull-Ups
7 DB Cleans 20/16kg

For Time: (CAP: 10min.)
100 OHS with a barbell 20/15kg
* Every time you rest the bar on your back, put it on the ground, or have to break in general…. Run 200m

Rest 3-4min. Between Stations


A) Bench Press
*Lets find a 1 rep max today and see where you’re at.
*In between sets do 10-20 weighted sit ups

B) 15min. to get as far as possible…
Power Snatch 35/25kg
Air Squats

immediately into;
OHS 35/25kg


30min. Team WOD with a Running Clock…
1mile Run (200m intervals)
2000m Row (200m intervals)
1mile Run (200m intervals)

immediately into;
30 Power Clean and Jerks OR Snatches (50%)
30 at (60%)
30 at (70%)
Max Reps at (80%)

If you hit 30 reps at 80% then do max muscle ups/pull ups in remaining time.