How Do You Measure Your Own Progress? – by Coach Dan

It’s really easy to feel as if we’ve reached a plateau in our training – especially when we don’t keep track of how you did in the past and what you’re aiming for in the future. More often than not I find that the people that get “stuck” on a skill, a number, or a record time for a workout that they have been struggling to beat are also the same people that don’t keep a record of their training.

If you are one of those people that feel like you’ve been going nowhere in your training, you should take a second to reflect on what progress actually means to you before coming to the conclusion that something needs to change. For you to know where you stand it’s all about keeping a record of the truth – no matter how good or bad, big or small! Without it you may as well be training blindfolded.

Here’s a few key things to think about to make sure you’re getting the best of yourself every time you train.

Log your workouts – The good, the bad and the ugly

We really do mean it when we tell you to keep track of your workouts. That moment when you get into a session and you don’t know what that 1 rep max was, or how you felt when you did a workout before, is the moment that you cut yourself short! Fitness is a science, and if you close your eyes and take a stab in the dark, you will rarely hit the mark. Keeping track of how good or bad you did lets you know whether something is working or failing for you.

Take the time to hit the key workouts hard

There will come a time where a benchmark workout comes up in class, or we start a new cycle and have a week of testing to set it off right. Take this as an opportunity to give it your all! You might not be at your 100% best that day, but every time you hit a benchmark workout again you leave with an idea of where you are and what you could do differently next time.

Don’t wait until you’re perfect to step towards your goal

It’s easy to tell yourself that you won’t attempt something until you’ve got something down perfectly, but really you’ll be waiting forever before you make a move. Just know that pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone will get you there faster than waiting until you feel perfectly ready for it all.

The CrossFit Open is a perfect time to take stock in where you stand, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner to the whole fitness game! Here’s some points to reflect on as you go through the next few weeks.

If you’re an experienced CrossFitter:

Did you go back to check to see how you did on that repeat workout? Were you able to look at your max rep numbers for your lifts and your gymnastic movements to get an idea of how to breakdown the movements throughout the Wod?

If you’re completely new to it all:

Did you feel at all held back by a particular movement throughout any of the workouts? Did you take a moment to reflect after the workout to think about what it was that really held you back most, and what was the easiest part?

Need some help or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch: 🙂


A) 3×3 Overhead Squat
Tempo at 32X1 on first rep.
*2min rest

B) 9 Minute AMRAP
9 OHS 52.5/37.5kg
30 Double Unders


A) 4 Sprint Sets:
3 min AMRAP:
2 Rounds of “DT: (12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Clean, 6 push jerk 70/50kg)
*Score = HSPU Reps, :60 rest between sets

B) Row Sprint Pyramid for time:
10-15-20-15-10 Cals
*:30 rest, between each interval

Met-Con Class

EMOM x 35min: (5 Rounds)
Min 1:
15/12 Cal Ski
Min 2: 15 KB Front Rack Squats
Min 3: 15 Burpees
Min 4: 15/12 Cal Bike
Min 5: 20 Sit-Ups
Min 6: 50 Double Unders
Min 7: Rest


A) Back Squat 3 x 3,
Tempo at 40X1 on first rep, 2 min rest

B) 10 to 1
Alternating Pistols
Chest to bar Pull Ups

-7 min rest

6 to 1
Power Snatch 70/47.5kg
Bar Muscle Up


A) Every 2min. x 7 Rounds:
15 Burpees
2 Power Cleans (climbing)

*Pick something around 60-65% to start and add whenever you feel like you can, if you can. Score is your heaviest set.

REST 5min before part B below.
B) Tabata Skill Work
1: Skill Of choice (Strength Element)
2: Calories of Choice
3: Skill of Choice (Skill element)
4: Burpees

Met-Con Class

2 Rounds For Time:
50 Barbell Thrusters
40 Sit-Ups
30 Ball Slams
20 American KB Swings 24/16kg
10 KB Cossack Squats (Left + Right = 1)
(Time CAP: 16min.)

Rest 4min.

20min. AMRAP:
15/10 Cal Bike
30 Bent Over Rows
400m Row
30 H.R. Push-Ups
400m Run
30 Double Unders


CF Open Week 3