Your Health & Fitness MOT


From Monday 26th May to Sat 6th June** we will be having a two week period of programming devoted to testing your health and fitness…The Check-In.

** This has been moved to 1st June to 14th June

You can think of this as your fitness MOT, a chance to see where you at in your training and a tool to help you plan your next few months.

What will we be testing?

We will be doing a variety of test that are considered tests of general fitness, we will also have some elements of CrossFit specific tests. Some of these tests will be important to markers to you as a fitness enthusiast, an athlete, and a avid CrossFitter, while others provide more important data to the coaching team.

Here is some of the information we will be able to get from the next two weeks…

Absolute Strength: This is the maximum amount of force that someone can exert irrespective of body size or weight, for example a 1 rep max back squat.
Relative Strength: This is maximum amount of force that someone can exert in relation to body size or weight, a good way to measure is using a 1 rep max and then compare it the individuals bodyweight. What is better being able to squat 150kg which is 2x your bodyweight, or squatting 140kg but its 3x your bodyweight?
Strength/Power Endurance: This is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to exert force to overcome a resistance many times.
Neuromuscular efficiency: NME refers to an athlete’s capacity to recruit motor units.
Explosive speed/power: Refers to an individual’s ability to exert a maximal amount of force in the shortest possible time interval.
Aerobic Power: This the ability and efficiency of your bodies cardiovascular system to supply sufficient levels of oxygen at increasing power outputs.
Aerobic Capacity: This is the ability of your body to utilise that oxygen in a efficient and economical manner at increasing power outputs.
Anaerobic Capacity: is the ability of your energy systems to produce energy without oxygen.
Agility, Accuracy & Co-ordination: Is the ability to change the position of the body quickly and with control.

(Optional) DEXA Scan: One of the most accurate ways to measure bodyfat, muscle mass and bone mass levels. We recommend you try and get a DEXA scan 2-3 times a year, you can get all the information on our past blog post.


The Thames Check-In FAQ

Whats the point of the Thames Check-In?

The Check-In has several advantages for each of you as athletes:
(1) This is a change to nail down some benchmarks that assess your present level of fitness, and allow you to re-assess these benchmarks later on in the year.
(2) You can see where you areas of strength and weakness lie, and make any adjustments to your training as needed. How many of you are actually making effective use of the open gym?!

For us coaches:
(1) It allows us to see where everybody is at in terms of their fitness
(2) We can access whether the programming is effective and what the goals of the upcoming cycles should be.
(3) Allow us to better help you to be more awesome!

How often will we do the Check-In?
We will begin by aiming to do the check-in twice a year, approximately 6 months apart.

How long is the Check-In?
It is a two week period of testing from Monday 26th May to Sat 6th June

So I wont get a workout for two weeks?
Let’s no get crazy. The Thames Check-in is going to be a tough 2 weeks, you will certainly get a workout during each session!

What if I am not on the Unlimited membership?
If you want to attend everyday of the Check-In, we can give you a two week membership upgrade so you can attend all classes.

For those of you on the 3x per week membership the 2 week upgrade will be £35.

For those of you on the old 2x per week membership the 2 week upgrade will be £60.

If you would like to purchase the upgrade please email and let us know!

What if I cant make it everyday for 2 weeks?
Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world if you do not do every single test we have lined up. You can always catch-up any missed sessions during Open Gym if you are desperate!

Anything else I should know?
Yes!…..We will publish the whole 2 week schedule, complete with the programming, this Friday. This will allow to better plan for when to be in if their are certain things you wish test.

If you have a heart rate monitor we will ask you to bring it to some of the sessions. If you don’t a heart rate monitor you have two options….don’t worry about it, or buy one. Here is one I would recommend.

**Today is day 1 of the Thames Interclass Throwdown!**
Remember all you need to do for this is turn up to a class (wear your class T-shirt!) make sure your score goes on the board and we will take care of the scoring for you. If you are planning of doing the Final on Saturday then make sure you sign up for it here! There is a 10GBP charge for food and drink for the event. We hope to see you all there and let’s find out who is the fittest class!

Workout of the Day:
Inter Class Throwdown – Workout 15.1

“Carry the Egg”

In teams of 2 complete, for time:
Run 800m, together
2 rounds:
40 Goblet squats
40 KB swings
then, Row 1000m, split as needed

– Each pair will have one kettlebell that cannot be dropped throughout the entire workout, otherwise there is a instant 10 burpee penalty.
– During the row the KB must be held in front rack goblet position, otherwise a instant 10 burpee penalty.
The score is the average time taken by the class

Advanced: 32/24kg
Intermediate: 24/16kg
Beginner: 16/12kg