Fear to compete – Coach Misty

Like I said in Sunday’s blog, you really never know what will happen and you have to start somewhere. I was super nervous when I started too, and I didn’t want to do an individual as it was too daunting and didn’t want to do a team as what if I messed up and let the team down… and through all these excuses I (with the help of Head Coach Milo kicking my butt) decided to enter the ballot for The Rainhill Trials.

I got an entry! Was so excited and so freaked all at the same time, did the seeding workouts and just tried to focus on the fact “Everyone has to start somewhere”.
I was seeded at the bottom of the Rocket category (which is the highest category) and honestly, my heart fell. There were girls in this category that could lift weights I could only aspire to get to. As the seeding is a mixture of Metcon and lifting, my damn engine pushed me into this category of amazing athletes.

The workouts were released, and honestly, my heart sunk a little more as the one WOD had 10 thrusters in that were at my 1 rep max. I couldn’t focus on what I was good at and could do well in, and could only see the areas I was going to battle with.
With the help of my coach and motivating friends and family, I decided to still go compete, at least I had nothing to lose and I could get the feel for competing and maybe surprise myself.

I seeded 55th and ended up coming 46th. So moved up some spaces. As you never know on the day what will happen and although some of the workouts were not in my favour there were others that I could show what I was made of and get some headway in placing ☺

My second Rainhill trial came after much more training and trying to work at the things I suck at…. I came 15th and made it into the final

Third Rainhill trial I came 7th and the one I just did I came 5th

As you can see there was quite a big jump in placement from my first to second individual comp. And no they were not years apart, but competing really highlights your weaknesses and where you need to improve. It’s pretty inspirational going head to head with some awesome competitors, they make you want to be better to get stronger, faster… It helps you create focus and goals and also at times shows you a strength you maybe didn’t realise you had. It tests your ability to perform under time and pressure as well as with someone making sure you adhere to the correct standards. It helps you become a better athlete and I recommend anyone to try any competition, at least once.

Go see what you’re made of!!! ☺

Any questions as always please shoot me a mail at misty@crossfitthames.com

If you are unsure about which comps there are or where to find more info then keep reading! 🙂

Yes, there are some ninja competitions out there, but what’s pretty damn awesome is that a lot of them are super inclusive ones too. Where there is a scaled or intermediate option or where they seed you based on your skill in qualifiers that you are required to do.

Also, there are many that are pairs/fours events and having someone with you to compete, not only makes you work harder ☺ but also makes it a bit easier, as you are in it together. I know competing in a team then allows that fear of letting your team down, or the worry of what if you are the weakest link? But I promise you, you all bring different skills to the table and sure you may not be the best at all, but you will have areas where you can help your team out on, and that’s the point, you’re in it together and you will support each other in the battle ☺

A few to mention:

Online qualifiers

The biggest one with an RX and scaled option is the CrossFit Open which is starting soon ☺

The CrossFit Open!

Some of the general comps/sanctioned events also have a scaled or intermediate option too. Such as
Battle for Middle ground They have also just launched their March Mayhem for 2020 (which has both a direct ticket into the event and qualifiers) or The French Throwdown

Seeded workouts:

The Rainhill trials run by ballot to get an entry, but what is great, if you get an entry is that they send out workouts to be completed. These scores then put you in a category to compete against athletes with a similar skill level. This is a great starting competition, it has an awesome vibe and is a very well run event.

The Rainhill Trials

Straight out buy a ticket to the competition floor:

Inferno Pairs

Charity throwdowns:
Battle for Cancer
Girls Gone RX
These are just a few if you head on to “Competition Corner” you can take a scroll through all the various competitions ☺

Wednesday Oly Club

1)Snatch + Snatch balance
4 x1+1
2)Split jerk
1 x 3
2 x 2
2 x 1
3)Back squats
4 x 2
4)Pull ups
3 x 5-10 Weighted
4b)Bear plank
3 x 20-30

Sunday Oly Club

1) Clean + High hang clean
4 x 1+1
2) Split jerk
1 x 3
2 x 2
2 x 1
3)Clean Deadlift
4 x 2 AHAFA
4)Chin ups
3 x 5
4b) Barbell hip thrusters
3 x 8-12