Events and Updates!

Nutrition Drop-In Clinics

If you missed a trick and haven’t seen that we have a new In-House Nutrition Coach, head on back to Sunday’s blog and give it a read! Sinead is offering up some time slots for you guys to drop in and ask some of those burning nutrition questions you’ve been dying to ask someone. No need to come in with a food diary, and no pressure to signup to a plan afterwards. This is just so you can get to grips with some of your nutrition struggles. Dates are up on the poster next to the whiteboard, and also as follows for the next two months:

Tues 7th 5-7pm
Thurs 16th 4-6pm

Tues 11th 5-7pm
Thurs 20th 4-6pm

No Classes on August 25th and August 26th

We are going to be hosting the CrossFit Gymnastics Course later on in August and as a result there will be no classes on schedule for the weekend (this includes Yoga, CrossFit Kids, and OLY).

Competition Time – Strength in Depth!

The deadline is fast approaching to get those scores in team! If you missed the chance to throw down with your partner or if you’re chasing another attempt you still have until the 5th of August to get it done!

Weekend Events

CrossFit Games Screening – Saturday August 4th, 14:30 to 17:30

A note from Coach Milo:

Hey All!

First off we want to say sorry for missing the ball a little on this one. We will be hosting a games viewing if you want to come down and watch the CF games on a big screen here at the box and we will be doing some WODs from the individual events and from the team events if you can grab a posse together or make one from people down here already !

At the moment we are looking to do the CF total as we know you lot love to bang weights 😛 , however we can put to a group vote on the day pending on what gets released in the coming week for events.

We will also have chilled beer and cider for after cause its hot as fu… outside. 🙂 If you don’t fancy doing the WODs then feel free to come down and watch the carnage on screen and in the gym with beer in hand ! Hope to see you there 🙂 – Milo

Thames Touch Rugby Tournament

Even though the gym is due to be closed for this weekend in August, we’re not letting that prevent you from getting in your dose of fitness! Coach Conor will be leading you through some Touch Rugby skills, followed by a tournament style event for the day! After the tournament is over the plan is to head out to the nearby market, pub or restaurant for some food and drinks. If you have a group in mind get them together and put down your names on the sign up sheet at the whiteboard. If you’re riding solo, we’ll make sure you get put in with a solid grouping!

Yoga for Athletes, Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

This week’s Focus: Overhead Mobility

Stand up nice and tall. Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out, lift your arms up and overhead, keeping them straight, as far as you can, palms facing each other. Are you excessively arching your lower back as you do this? Not being able to keep your arms straight, or reach all the way up?

It’s quite likely that your overhead range of motion (ROM) is limited – whether that’s due to lifestyle factors (bad posture, or also simply not making use of your full range of motion – how often do you need to lift your arms overhead in daily life?), or resulting from training even. Many of the fundamental CrossFit movements require us to lift our arms overhead – kipping gymnastics movements, and lifts such as the snatch or the overhead squat as well as any kind of pressing movement, to name but a few of the more ubiquitous ones.

Once you run out of range, i.e. hit maximum shoulder flexion (lifting your arms up), you’re going to start compensating (as per the above test) in order to reach further.

In Saturday’s yoga class, you’ll learn more about which muscles are involved in overhead movements, and how to lengthen and strengthen them, to help you increase and restore your overhead ROM.

For further info about yoga at Thames, click here.

What events would you like to see? Email with any ideas you have!