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Quick Updates

CrossFit Teens Cancelled – Feb 9th

There will be no CrossFit Teens classes on Saturday February 9th.

Yoga For Athletes

Christine is embarking on a new journey to further develop her yoga knowledge and skills for the wider athletic population, and so Yoga will be cancelled for the following dates across 2019:

Feb 23rd
Mar 23rd
May 4th
Jun 1st
Sep 21st

Rainhill Trials – Winter Trials Competitors

Here’s a quick shout out to some of our crew that will be competing at the Rainhill Trials in Manchester on February 2nd and February 3rd! For those of you that are up in the area, and/or keen to support you can grab a spectator ticket via the link below!


Spectator Tickets to Rainhill Trials

The Valentines Day Throwdown – Saturday February 9th

For the love of fitness, we will be running a Valentine’s Day Throwdown just before the CrossFit Open season kicks off!

When: Saturday 9th February 9:30am arrival with First WOD at 10am
What: 2 WODs with a Final for Scaled and RX’d Divisions
Who: You and your training Partner! Mixed or same sex pairs allowed – ideally dressed up as an Iconic couple of your choosing!

Prizes will be awarded for the winning pairs of the RX’d and Scaled divisions, as well as the best dressed couple!

Pizza and drinks will be provided at the end!

Register for The Valentines Day Throwdown!

We have an entry to the Rainhill teams competition on the 25th and 26th of May. Its up in Manchester and is an awesome team comp 🙂 2 males, 2 females RX comp. Details are below (for movement standards and location etc). If you are keen for one of the spots, comment on Coach Misty’s post in the Private Members group on Facebook, or shoot her an email via the link below. Pending the interest we can do some sort of throw down for who takes them 🙂

Email Misty@Crossfitthames.com for Your Interest

Movement Standards For Rainhill Teams

Strength in Depth has officially been announced as one of the CrossFit Games sanctioned events, and it’s just around the corner from us here in London at the ExCeL Centre! For those of you that are interested in checking out some Professional CrossFit Games competitive athleticism, you can get your spectator tickets via the link below!

Strength in Depth have released their early bird spectator tickets, if anyone wants to go watch some fitness at one of the CrossFit games sanctioned events 🙂

Buy Spectator Tickets for Strength in Depth!

What events would you like to see? Email james@crossfitthames.com with any ideas you have!