DEXA – Picture your health & fitness more accurately than ever!


This month we’re excited to start offering all our members discounted access to DEXA body composition measurements so you can see with amazing detail your fat loss and muscle gains.

If you haven’t heard about DEXA yet, you will soon. Popular in Australia, the US and Canada, in the UK it’s been restricted to professional athletes and sports science research until now.

DEXA body-scans uses the very latest, medically developed DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) technology to quickly and accurately measure the amount of body fat, lean tissue and bone in each major part of your body – arms, legs and trunk.

DEXA has just been featured in Sport magazine and the Sunday Telegraph and clearly beat other techniques (scales, caliper, bodpod) when it comes to looking at your body composition.

I enjoyed taking the DEXA scan as it allowed me to really see the benefits of CrossFit training and eating well. Everyone now knows that BMI is a useless figure (mine would call me overweight and nearly obese) so to have a concise and accurate measurement of body fat % and lean mass is extremely useful to measure progress and make sure i’m hitting my goals and that my training is working. I would highly recommend the scan to anyone who is serious about their health and wellbeing.” – Coach Jonny


DEXA (dual-energy X-ray) is the medical-grade gold standard for measuring changes in body fat, lean muscle mass and bone density. Importantly, DEXA can give you a very good estimate of your visceral fat – that’s the bad, toxic fat that surrounds your internal organs (and which responds very well to diet and exercise).

Myself, Jonny and Milo have all paid a visit to Bodyscan to check it out, it’s a great service and we guarantee you’ll be impressed by the service and your personal DEXA report. You’ll probably train a bit harder too when you see just how much fat you’re carrying 😉

The DEXA scans allow me to actually see how much of your body is composed of lean (muscle) tissue and how much is bodyfat. Taking regular measurements every 3-4 months will let me track my progress and ensures I can keep my nutrition and training on track. It’s easy to track performane and training goals, but having this measure means I keep my nutrition aligned with my goals too“- Coach Phil

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits, not matter where you are in your fitness journey…

In the Beginning: If you’re just beginning a diet or fitness programme, this is the perfect time for a scan. It’ll tell you to the gram how much fat and muscle you are carrying on your arms, legs and trunk region.

If you think you want to lose weight, think again! What you really want to lose is fat. But if you don’t know how much fat and muscle you have now, you’ll have no idea of what to aim for or how to get there.

Sticking at it: Keeping motivated is the single biggest obstacle to sticking with a fitness regimen – and Bodyscan can be the greatest motivator you’ll ever have.

When you see your fat going down and your muscle increasing, you’ll have renewed vigour. And if Bodyscan shows you’re off track, you can book some time with a coach to discuss how to fine tune your nutrition and training.

The Advanced athlete: At the far end of the scale, if you’re a bodybuilder, marathon runner, triathlete or professional athlete you’ll be fixated on your performance and body composition. Only Bodyscan provides the precise information a fitness obsessive like you demands.

We’ve teamed up with Bodyscan in Marylebone High Street to offer our members a discount on individual scans:

  • If your are on the Classic CrossFit (3x per week) membership you can receive a 5% discount.
  • If you are on the CrossFit Thames (Unlimited) package receive a 10% discount.

Send an email to to get your discount code, then visit the Bodyscan website to book in.

…But before you do, Bodyscan are running a snap 50% discount promotion until the end of the month.

Conditions are:

1. All bookings must be made before midnight 28 February, and the appointments themselves must be for February dates.

2. The discounts are as follows:

Single scan – 50% off – normally £129, now £64.50.
Visceral fat scan – 50% off – normally £149, now £74.50
Visceral fat scan with face to face consult – 40% off – normally £159, now £95.40
Scans with phone consultation – 30% off – normally £139 and £159, now £97.30 & £111.30

NOTE: The discounted price will be shown after you have chosen your appointment date, which must be before end of February.

4. The promo code to use is VALENTINE.

I want to lose bodyfat, is this useful for me?

Yes! To know if you are actually making progress you need to know your starting point. Scale weight can be mis-leading, just because you weigh in 20lbs lighter does not mean you have less bodyfat. If your nutrition is off you may actually lose muscle tissue (not bodyfat) resulting in a higher bodyfat %!

I am not overweight, do I need this?

Yes! Bodyfat comes in a few forms, some is harder to ‘see’ than others.

We have fat that makes us look…well, fat. It’s easy to see this change if we look in the mirror. However what we cannot see is our levels of visceral fat, this is the fat which surrounds our organs, and high levels are very strongly linked to organ disease (heart attacks/strokes, liver/kidney cirrhosis etc). You can look thin/lean, but actually have a very high bodyfat % because of this harmful visceral fat. Tracking these numbers is extremely valuable to a healthy life.

I want to gain muscle, should I have a DEXA scan?

Yes! DEXA scans will give you this information easily!

How often should I have a DEXA scan?

Well, as often as you like really, but the general recommendation is to have a DEXA scan every 2-3 months.

Through these scans you find find out how much of your total mass is from lean muscle tissue, how much is from fat, and also your bone density.

Can’t I just use scales?

Standing on a set of scales tells you nothing more than your relationship with gravity, while your BMI (body mass index) gives no information about body composition.

In contrast, a Bodyscan DEXA report gives you meaningful data based purely on the amount and distribution of fat and lean mass in your body. For example, if your A/G (android/gynoid) fat is too high it means you’re potentially carrying too much fat in your trunk and around your organs, which is a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

How much does it cost?

There are various options, from the full package including a scan and personal consultation for £159 (before discount), to just having a scan at £129 (before discount). You can see the full price list here.

Ok, I’ve had the scan, what next?

If you are concerned about the results, you can book in some time with one of the coaches. We can assist you in changing your nutrition to reflect the results and to get heading towards your goals.

Workout of the Day:
A) Strength: Front Squat

All Athlete Levels: Establish a new 3 Rep Max

B) 4 rounds:
Run 400m
Max rep front squats @ 75% above rep max
– Once you drop or re-rack the bar, its time for another run