Competitor Mentorship Program – 6 Weeks with Head Coach Milo


This is a 6 Week “Camp” built and geared for athletes who want to be more competitive in CrossFit. Pure and simple.

We want to help you be the most competitive athlete you can be without being able to go back in time and change your genetic make up and start training way sooner in life !

We want to help you build a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

How ?


Unlike everyone else, we aren’t going to give you a load of programming and mindset “hacks” to perform better.

We do things differently.

See –

We don’t just tell you what to do.

We coach you on how to do it.

We mentor, guide and push you to transform from the person you are now, into the competitive athlete you need to become in order for you to reach that goal you are chasing.

We will expose your weaknesses and tell you where and how to improve.

What will you get ?

The course will be over 6 weeks where you along with 9 other athletes will get together each Saturday for some training and some competitive component each week. We will ONLY be choosing higher level athletes this time around so we can keep it a competitive environment which in this case is extremely important to force everyone out of their comfort zone.

These Saturday sessions will be 90 minutes each week bar the last one which will be 2 hours simulating a mini comp in the group.

Each week will go over a different component. Week one for example will be a heavy WOD to expose your strengths or weaknesses there. Week two would be a gymnastic high skill component. Week three would be a “light” day with shorter classics such as the fan favourites “Fran”. You will get the full program when you sign up.

    1. Each week you will get a “report” on how you performed, where and how you can improve going forward
    2. 2 Extra programmed sessions a week based on your performance each Saturday tailored to you
    3. 1 Private session (for 30 minutes) with Head Coach Milo based on your weaknesses and skill based
    4. 2 sit down sessions with Head Coach Milo on making a plan for future development
    5. Train and push against like-minded athletes
    6. Articles written for you
    7. Weekly check ins

When you’re growing as an athlete, everyone is trying to get you to buy into the latest hack or trick. You can’t be a genuine competitive athlete by using a “hack”. You need to know exactly where your weaknesses are and how to fix them.

Chances are, that’s not the person you are now.

But in this 6 week mentorship program, we help you uncover yourself and become a competitive athlete capable of creating an impact on the competition floor.

You must have these three things.



A growth-oriented mindset.

I’m not saying this to be cute.

This will ONLY work for you if you’re committed to growing and becoming better.

And this will ONLY work for you if you actually want to become a better and more competitive athlete.

Apply For Competitors Mentorship Program

If you are interested and want to apply then hit the link above ! Speak to you soon!