Change To Saturdays WOD

Hey Team!

We are changing Saturdays WOD to “Mamba & Gigi” after the incident with the incredibly unfortunate passing of one of the greats. Kobe Bryant, His daughter Gianna and 7 other people died in a helicopter crash on Sunday in California.

This WOD was originally posted by CF Invictus when he retired and we will be hitting it on Saturday in memory of the legend himself.

“This workout, originally posted by us on April 13th, 2016 in honour of his retirement after 20 years in the NBA, now pays tribute to his life and career as well as his daughter. 18 minutes for 18 consecutive All-Star games, 5 muscle-ups for 5 NBA rings with the Lakers, 8 power cleans for #8, 24 box jumps for #24, and we have added on 13 burpees to the original workout to commemorate his 13-year-old daughter Gigi who passed away in the crash as well.”

18 Min Amrap:
5 Muscle Ups
8 Power Cleans 82.5/57.5kg
24 Box Jumps 30/24″
13 Burpees

Wednesday Oly Club

1) Snatch
2 x 2@80-85%
2 x 1@85-90%

3) OH Squat
3 x 2
Tempo 3010

4) Back squat
3 x 2@RPE 9

5a) Pull ups
3 x 8-12
5b) Hamstring curls
3 x Amafa

Sunday Oly Club

1) Clean
2 x 2@80-85%
2 x 1@85-90%

2) Split jerk
4 x 1@RPE 9

3) Single Leg Double KB Box step up
4 x 6/6

4a) Pull ups(weighted if necessary)
3 x 5
4b) Star/side plank
3 x 20 secs p/side