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  • Mid Year Goals Re-assessment! – Coach Milo

    28 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    Hey team! If you are anything like me then you’ve been asking yourself where this year has gone already! Seriously.. does anyone have an answer for this ?! Yes, we’re halfway through, but rather than panicking ab…

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  • CF Level 2 Certificate Course – This Weekend!

    26 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    Hey crew – just a final reminder that we are hosting the CrossFit Level 2 Seminar this weekend, which means that ALL classes and Open Gym are cancelled for the weekend. Get out there and get some alternative means …

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  • Strength in Depth Qualifier 1 – Deadline Approaching!

    23 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    For those of you that have said you were in for Strength in Depth Origins 2019, this is a reminder that your scores for the first qualifier workout is due this Sunday July 28th. If you haven’t had a chance to attem…

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  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): Are they worth the hype? – By Sinead

    21 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    After whey protein, BCAAs are perhaps the most popular supplement for gym bunnies and bodybuilders – based on the claim that they enhance muscle recovery and hypertrophy, particularly when training in a fasted state. B…

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  • Run, Swim and Metcon – Saturday August 10th

    19 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    Hyde Park, The Serpentine – Start time at 10:30am Time for some outdoor fitness! All you need to bring is your usual training gear, your swimming costume, a towel and £1 coin for the lockers. Don’t worry if you…

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  • OLY Programming for the Week!

    17 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    Wednesday 1)Cleans Build to a heavy single for the day 2)Tall jerk 4 x 3 3)Front squats 4 x 2@75-80% 4)Tricep work 3 sets Sunday 1) Snatch Build to a heavy single for the day 2) Back squat 4 x 2@80% 3) Push press 4 x 3@7…

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  • Gymnastics Ring Strength and Stability Course Pt 2 – Coach James

    14 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    Hey guys! Following up from my last blog post here is a little bit more of an insight in to what this course will contain. We will be starting out with a “test day” to see where we are at in terms of pull up …

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  • Burpees Save Lives – Charity Throwdown Details!

    12 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    The day is finally upon us! First of all we want to give all that have donated a huge thanks for everything you’ve put in for the cause! We have just hit our overall target as of yesterday and the total is still go…

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  • OLY Programming For the Week!

    9 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    Week 2 Wednesday 1) Snatch + Snatch balance 4 x 1+1@80% 2) Split jerk 3 x 1@90%+ 3) Back squats 4 x 2@80-85% 4) Tricep work 3 sets Sunday 1) Cleans 4 x 2@80-85% 2) Push Press 3 x 1@90%+ 3) Front squats 4 x 2@80-85% 4) Pu…

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  • Burpees Save Lives – Saturday July 13th

    7 July 2019 Dan Thomas

    Our big event is just 6 days away! If you’ve still been on the fence there’s still time to register yourself for the Burpees Save Lives Charity Throwdown! It’s going to be an ANY Pairs event (RX and scaled)…

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