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  • Celebrating some of our Thames Marathon Runners! – Part 1

    16 June 2019 Dan Thomas

    Not too long ago, a troop of our members have been actively pursing long distance running outside of the gym. We asked them to reflect a bit on their recent experiences with the London Landmarks Half Marathon, and the Pa…

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  • Max Double Unders Challenge – Ends Tomorrow!

    14 June 2019 Dan Thomas

    Tomorrow is your final day to make an attempt at knocking the top male and female scores off the leaderboard for our challenge of the month! Make sure you get in and get it done for a chance at winning a @reebok gift v…

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  • OLY Programming For the Week!

    11 June 2019 Dan Thomas

    Wednesday 1) Snatch + Snatch balance 4 x 1+1@80-85% 2) Split jerk 3 x 1@90%+ 3) Back squats 4 x 2@80-85% 4) Tricep work 3 sets Sunday 1) Cleans 4 x 2@80-85% 2) Push Press 3 x 1@90%+ 3) Front squats 4 x 2@80-85% 4) Chin u…

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  • Burpees Save Lives – Charity Throwdown at Thames! In Support Of Macmillan

    9 June 2019 Dan Thomas

    Hey Team! So today we are super excited to announce that we will be holding a Charity Throwdown in July for you and any of your CrossFit friends! Yup , you heard right ! We are trying to gather as much money as possible …

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  • Why should you have a Sports Massage?? – By Sue

    7 June 2019 Dan Thomas

    Your alarm goes off in the morning; do you spring out of bed like a 5-year-old? Or do you swing your legs out of bed, stand up, and test your body out to see what hurts and what doesn’t? More than a treatment for injur…

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  • Now Introducing – Coach Melissa

    4 June 2019 Dan Thomas

    We are proud to announce that Melissa has officially joined the coaching team here at CrossFit Thames this week! For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her or working with her just yet, she was b…

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  • New Cycle is in ! Time to get STRONG! – Head Coach Milo

    2 June 2019 Dan Thomas

    Hey all! So this week coming we are kicking off strong with the new strength cycle. This is the longest cycle that we do each year and this year is no different. This years cycle is 10 weeks of pure dedication to getting…

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  • Upcoming Events and Updates!

    31 May 2019 Dan Thomas

    Challenge For the Month – May 15th to June 15th How many Double-unders can you do in one minute?!? ⁣ ⁣ Simples! Top male and female score get a @reebok gift voucher ! ⁣ CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course &…

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  • OLY Class Programming For The Week!

    29 May 2019 Dan Thomas

    Week 4 – Deload Wednesday 1) Snatch 4 x 2@75-80% 2) Back squat 4 x 2@80-85% 3) Power clean + Split jerk 4 x 1 + 3 @ 70% 4) Dips 3 x 5-10 Sunday 1) Clean + High hang clean 4 x 1+1@75-80% 2) Front squats 4 x 2@80% 3)…

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  • Bring a Friend Week is Here!

    26 May 2019 Dan Thomas

    Here we Go Team! For those of you that have been hitting it pretty hard across the past two weeks of testing consider this another deload week from the heavy lifts (mainly from the weights to be honest). We’ve got …

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