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  • Lemon Raspberry Bake – Nutrition Coach Sinead

    18 February 2020 Milo

    Happy stomach kinda breakfast/snack Last Sunday I chatted on my difficulty with my Gut and shared a Feed.Fuel.Perform blog post by Dr Sinead Roberts on the importance of Gut health. The below is one of the recipes that S…

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  • Eating Beyond Breakfast – By Sinead

    14 April 2019 Dan Thomas

    In my last blog I talked about the reasons why you might want to eat breakfast, and also the kinds of breakfast to choose. So what about eating beyond brekkie? We know from when we were speaking about breakfast that you …

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  • Feeding the hungry CrossFitter – Blackberry Glazed Porkchops

    13 November 2013 admin

    A tasty meal, prepped and ready to eat in less than 25 minutes? Sold! I borrowed this recipe from PaleOMG a while ago and it has been favourite, go-to, post-evening WOD meal ever since (the photo is also borrowed from Pa…

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  • In the Zone…

    9 July 2013 admin

    As some of you know I am currently doing a trial of the Zone Diet. I first heard about Zoning when I did my Level 1 in February, the member of staff who delivered the lecture made it sound very appealing, you didn’…

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  • Last chance to sign up for the Whole Life Challenge

    15 February 2013 Jay

    Nutrition forms the base for all your athletic endeavours, whether you just want to keep fit and healthy, or you want dominate the Crossfit Games . Today is your last chance to sign up for the 8 week Whole Life Challenge…

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  • On Why Green Smoothies are Awesome

    11 February 2013 admin

    I feel like one of the reasons why I’ve avoided getting sick this winter is my new found obsession with green smoothies. They are such a convenient way to load up on vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and oxygen.…

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  • Its nearly time for the Whole Life Challenge!

    9 February 2013 Jay

    There are just a few days left to sign up for the Whole Life Challenge (sign up is open till Feb 15th!!) Still not sure the Whole Life Challenge is for you? See what our past participants make of it… “The ca…

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  • Thoughts on Nutritional Changes

    7 February 2013 admin

    Some of our members attempted and maintained diet changes for all of January. In light of the WLC challenge starting in February, we thought it would be great to hear how much they enjoyed/disliked their experience. Dani…

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  • Bulletproof Coffee

    6 February 2013 Jay

    More and more people have tried Bulletproof Coffee (BPC), and more and more of you are seeing the benefits (memory, fat loss, insulin sensitivity, performance), not to mention it tastes great! For those of you new to BPC…

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