Burpees Save Lives – Charity Throwdown Details!

The day is finally upon us!

First of all we want to give all that have donated a huge thanks for everything you’ve put in for the cause! We have just hit our overall target as of yesterday and the total is still going up from there! There’s still time to donate your funds and your burpees to us coaches, so if you’re still yet to donate – get to it!

Misty has already taken payment from your account if you have registered for tomorrow’s throwdown.

If you’re late to the party or if you don’t have a partner and you want to take part you can still come down tomorrow to partake! We’re sure that there will be loose ends to be paired up 🙂

When: Saturday July 13th – Arrive for a 9:30AM start

Rough Timeline For the Day!

Event Start time Sponsor
Arrival 9:30 AM
Welcome and Brief for the day and WOD 1 9:45 Nasty
Brief and warm up for WOD 2 (includes walking to location) 10:30 Born Primitive
Brief and warm up for WOD 3 (top 2 teams in each category announced) 11:15 SBD, Jaw Grips, Reebok
Score sheet finalisation – WOD prizes and Final teams announced 12:45
FINAL – RX’D AND SCALED 13:15 Reebok and RX bars
Prizes and Photos 13:30
Day end 13:35

See you bright and early team!

More info about the Throwdown!

Take me to the Just Giving Page!


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The Gymnastics Course – August 10th and 11th

Once again we will be hosting the The Gymnastics Course – A CrossFit Preferred Specialty Course here at Thames! For those of you that are keen to learn a bit more about the ins and outs of gymnastics this course is for you. There are no pre-requites to attend this seminar, so whether you’re looking to understand a bit more of how to coach a gymnastic movement, or whether you’re looking to understand how to better yourself overall, this course is an excellent source of knowledge!

Register for The Gymnastics Course!

Class Schedule Reminders

CF Level 2 Certificate Course – July 27th and 28th

Due to the CF Level 2 course, all classes across the weekend will be cancelled. This includes Open Gym, Yoga for Athletes, and CrossFit Kids / Teens.

The Gymnastics Course – August 10th and 11th

Due to The Gymnastics Course, all classes across the weekend will be cancelled. This includes Open Gym, Yoga for Athletes, and CrossFit Kids / Teens.

Yoga For Athletes

Yoga will not be running for the following dates across the next few months:

Sat 3rd August
Sat 31st Aug
Sat 6th Sept

What events would you like to see? Email james@crossfitthames.com with any ideas you have!