• Avoiding Snaccidents .. – Coach Milo

    22 October 2019 Milo

    When it comes to snacking, remember we’re all human. The majority of us can’t get through the day to day of life without having some cravings and wanting to snack on something. Especially if you are in an office …

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  • Putting back pain behind you! – Coach James

    20 October 2019 Milo

    When it comes to back pain unfortunately it’s not as simple as a one size fits all approach but there are some things everyone can do to ease it and prevent it from worsening. For most of us, the problem comes from spe…

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  • Friday Night Lights! – End Of Open Party! 8th November

    17 October 2019 Milo

    For the second time this year, we will be hosting an end of Open party!!! This is the by far the best part of the open and will make 20.5 not suck as much, even if it ends up being Thrusters and chest to bar pull ups! So…

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  • Oly Club For the Week

    15 October 2019 Milo

    Wednesday Oly Club 1) Below the knee hang snatch 4 x 2 2) OH Squats 3 x 3 Tempo 3010 3) Back squats 3 x 3@70-75% 4) Split jerk 3 x 3 5) Med ball hamstring curls 3 x 6-12 Sunday Oly Club 1) Power clean + below the knee HP…

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  • Strengthen or Stretch ? – Coach Milo

    13 October 2019 Milo

    I can’t do Snatches because my shoulders are tight. I can’t touch my toes because my hamstrings are tight. I can’t do pistols because my ankles are tight. If you’ve ever said the above and you are…

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    10 October 2019 Milo

    Hey Thamesians! This is just a super quick announcement to remind you the CrossFit Open is HERE! If you haven’t signed up and you want to then you can go can hit the link below. Be sure to add us as your home gym s…

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  • 3 Oly Lifting Tips To Keep In Mind – Coach Milo

    8 October 2019 Milo

    Getting started in the Olympic lifts can be a scary task, the technique seems complex and the training complicated, but we are here to help simplify things for you. 1. First things first! If you are super new to the Oly …

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  • How To “Modify” & Stay On Track – Coach Misty

    6 October 2019 Milo

    I know a lot of you get super excited when you “RX” a workout or get annoyed when you can’t. And NOT to take away from the effort and work it takes to “RX” a workout…. Buuut RX is not the goal and scaling a w…

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  • Workout with Kristen Holte

    3 October 2019 Milo

    Hey gang! Don’t forget we are running an awesome event with Reebok and the worlds second fittest woman on earth Kristin Holte on Friday night 4 October with Reebok Aka Tomorrow! Reebok has a Nano 9 try on tour. The…

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  • Fear to compete – Coach Misty

    1 October 2019 Milo

    Like I said in Sunday’s blog, you really never know what will happen and you have to start somewhere. I was super nervous when I started too, and I didn’t want to do an individual as it was too daunting and didn…

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