• Recovery For All Ages & Goals – Head Coach Milo

    17 November 2019 Milo

    Most of you are probably going to hate this blog. It’s going to be my biggest “it depends” blog of my career. (there’s been quite a few already haha) So, common question all the time. How much should I be tra…

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  • Interclass & 12 Days of CrossFit

    14 November 2019 Milo

    How does this all work? What the hell is the interclass throwdown? This blog is to answer any questions you may be having about that! 🙂 So this year team we are melding two of our favourite and biggest events of the y…

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  • The Year Is Nearly Out!

    12 November 2019 Milo

    Hey Team! So the end of the year is getting close. Now the open is over this is a perfect time to take a moment and re-assess the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. Are you close? Do you need to put the…

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  • Rocked To Your Core – Coach Misty

    10 November 2019 Milo

    Having a strong core is vital for almost all exercises in CrossFit, and pretty vital in life in general. It will help to prevent injury, protect your spine, improve posture and stabilise lifts and movement. I’m pretty …

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  • Number One Performance Enhancer!

    5 November 2019 Milo

    Sleep Let’s be clear out the gate. Sleep is the Number 1 performance-enhancing activity that we can do for EVERYTHING we do. Regardless of your training program or how hard you push yourself if you aren’t recovering …

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  • Do it With Your Eyes Closed – By Coach Dan

    3 November 2019 Milo

    This Month’s Focus No Fail November (goals recheck and the big push for your end of year goals!) Blog’s Focus – Sleep Sleep is by far one of the most overlooked factors that impact our performance in our daily live…

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  • Friday Night Lights & Last Open WOD! – Happy Halloween!

    31 October 2019 Milo

    Happy Holloween Gang! Just a little reminder that next week will be the last Open WOD and we are having a get together to celebrate not having to do it for an actual entire year again haha 🙂 We will have the classic F…

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  • Smooooooth Operatooooor! – Coach James Edition

    29 October 2019 Milo

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie The best way to enjoy this smoothie is using frozen fruit, it gives it a much creamier taste and milkshake like texture. Blend the following together: – 400m Milk or whichever milk …

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  • Bodybuilding VS. Functional WODs? – Coach Milo

    27 October 2019 Milo

    Ok ok, it’s a little clickbaity, haha but I want you to read this blog because I think it’s important to understand the differences between Isolation (bodybuilding Esq type training) and compound (functional …

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  • InterClass Throwdown & The 12 Days Of CrossFit… Literally…

    24 October 2019 Milo

    So team! As some of you may know already if you are part of the Instagram nation and have seen any of Coach Milo’s Stories… Big news! This year we are going bigger and better! Yup, the title gives it away a l…

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