• Pancakes – Nutrition Coach Sinead!

    27 August 2019 Milo

    Ingredients (makes 2) 350g banana, roughly chopped 2 medium eggs 1.5 scoop whey (flavour of your choice – I usually use vanilla or unflavoured) Generous pinch cinnamon 2.5g butter Toppings 2 slices streaky smoked bacon…

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  • Work Hard , Recover Hard – Coach Misty

    25 August 2019 Milo

    I have seen all of you come 3x or more a week to give your all during class, some of you even smash two sessions in one night 🙂 … This after having had a long day at work where you didn’t sleep much the ni…

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  • Met-Con Express Cancelled

    22 August 2019 Milo

    Hey team! We added in the Met-Con Express to help aid some of the time limited amongst you in the morning. However with limited to no attendance we will be cancelling it going forward. We are ALWAYS aiming to improve our…

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  • Coconut Bites! – Coach Milo

    20 August 2019 Milo

    INGREDIENTS 1 cup (80g) desiccated coconut 1 1⁄2 tbs (30g) coconut oil 3 tsp honey (rice malt syrup or maple syrup) 1 tsp vanilla extract Chocolate 90g 70% dark chocolate roughly chopped 1 tsp coconut oil 1⁄4 tsp sea…

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  • I’m bulking bro! – Coach James

    18 August 2019 Milo

    Most of these topics on nutrition can become super deep and technical and talking about gaining muscle/weight is no different so I’ve chosen some the main points that I think are most important. It’s very rare that I…

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  • Beyond The Workout! – September 27th

    15 August 2019 Milo

    Beyond The Workout Is Making A Come Back! Going forward we are setting mini themes for the month in terms of Media content and in terms of over arching themes for each month. This is to help drive home certain subject an…

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  • Taking care of your hands – Coach Markus

    13 August 2019 Milo

    CrossFit and calluses – two words that usually go together like cake and icing. Whereas classic weight training (read bodybuilding) does not stress the tissues that much, the hands take its toll in CrossFit, especially…

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  • When DOMs Strike! – Coach Milo

    11 August 2019 Milo

    We think the timing might be just about right to talk about those achy muscles of yours, hands up who’s feeling them? Maybe it’s your legs after Coach Milo’s “Deload” WODs 😛 or maybe that accesso…

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  • Gym Closure ! Run, Swim , Metcon!

    9 August 2019 Milo

    Hey Team! We just wanted to remind everyone that the gym will be CLOSED this weekend for the CrossFit Preferred Gymnastics course being held at the gym over the entire weekend. So NO classes on Saturday or on Sunday. We …

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  • Oly Lifting For the Week – (No Oly On Sunday!)

    7 August 2019 Milo

    Hey Team! We just want to remind you that there will be NO classes this weekend due to the CrossFit Preferred gymnastics seminar. You can however still get your lift on today as normal 🙂 Wednesday 1) Split jerk 3 x 1@…

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