• Stretch your adductors

    9 March 2010 Jami

    Rest day: Stretching and myofascial release for minimum of 30 minutes…

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  • Strength cycle – week 6

    8 March 2010 Jami

    We are at the last week of the strength cycle before testing next week. It’s going be a hard week, make sure to maximize your recovery (Nutrition, or should I say food following that Michael Pollan video / sleep / …

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  • Mmm..hill sprints

    7 March 2010 Jami

    Josh has been making some good progress recently. Not least because his been getting more serious about tackling his weaknesses with some structured mobility work. Are you doing the same? A: 10 x 60m Hill repeats with 5 …

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  • Nutrition Saturday

    6 March 2010 Jami

    Michael Pollan – In Defense of Food…

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  • Congrats to Phil and Lisa

    5 March 2010 Jay

    Congratulations go to Phil and Lisa for finishing their elements course on Wednesday. We didn’t have to wait long for them to hit the leader boards, as Phil took top honours on his first day! Nice work! A: 1 x 20 B…

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  • Thursday

    4 March 2010 admin

    A: 3 x 5  – Overhead Press B: 10 Rounds for time 3 Front squats – Bodyweight 5 Ring dips 7 Knees/elbows Interesting WOD. Found myself looking forward to the front squats!…

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  • “Grace”

    3 March 2010 Jami

    A: DL 3×3 B: OHS 1×15 C: “GRACE” 30 C&J for time – 60/40kg…

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  • Rest & stretch

    2 March 2010 Jami

    A: Stretching and mobility work for a minimum of 30 minutes.…

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  • Strength cycle – week 5

    1 March 2010 admin

    A: B. squat 3×4 (use the same load as your previous 3×3) B: 15 minute AMRAP – a taster of things to come.. 3 unbroken HSPU 5 unbroken Power cleans 60/40kg 7 unbroken chin ups If you come off the wall (or …

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  • Hill sprints

    28 February 2010 admin

    A: Run: 10x 30sec Hill Sprints, All out Efforts. 30sec rest at top before descending hill easy, “walk if needed”. Rest 1min at the bottom of the hill before the next sprint.Treadmill use 7-10% grade, 2min rec…

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